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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Storm Chaser by Mark R. Hunter

Storm Chaser by Mark R. Hunter
Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (271 pgs)
Heat Level: sensual
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Sunflower

The black funnel of an approaching tornado makes all other troubles seem small. But when Indiana State Trooper Chance Hamlin “rescues” Allie Craine from a twister, his troubles are just beginning—Allie, a disaster photographer, rescues him when he drives into the storm’s path.

Chance doesn’t like being rescued, he doesn’t like photographers, and he definitely doesn’t like being stuck with Allie when she wants to stay in calm, peaceful Indiana. Too bad his family, friends, and even the other members of Chance’s volunteer fire department think she’s great. Suspicious of Allie’s motives, he decides to drive her away out of sheer boredom—but that’s not so easy when someone begins causing fires and other catastrophes around the area. That someone might be Allie, who has plans of her own...

Storm chasing, photographing the clouds, saving a man, and getting arrested... all in a days work for Allie. You'd think that Chance would be grateful for her help, but this stubborn, overly suspicious man isn't. What a way to make a first impression!

Allie isn't as young and fragile as she looks. All he had to do was look up her license plates, or check her ID to know she's not a runway teen. Chance is baffled when she talks about a degree, and all the things she's done...and he realizes his mistake. Much to his dismay, he's attracted to this drifter. But there's so much he doesn't know about her, though he can match her sense of adventure.

Storm Chaser starts out with a bang which continues throughout the book. The attraction between Allie and Chance is fiery, but every time they have a moment to themselves to act on it, something always happens. They always seem to be on the front lines of something -- a fire, a crazy animal...the list goes on! There's a bit of an added mystery to the plot when someone keeps watching Allie, and I wasn't sure why. Chance annoyed me a time or two because of his outright distrust. Sure, people have a right to be cautious, but some of the things he thought Allie was doing got to be a bit outrageous!

This is a great contemporary read. The characters are friendly and memorable. They all have their good moments and their quirks. The pacing is great, and I didn't find a part of the book that was too slow. It's an all around fun book.

If you enjoy contemporary romance with featuring a hero and heroine with a flare of adventure, then get yourself a copy of Storm Chaser, and get blown away by the great story.