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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Star Struck by Jane Lovering

Star Struck by Jane Lovering
Publisher: Choc Lit
Genre: contemporary
Length: Full Length (318 pgs)
Heat Level: spicy
Rating: 3.5 Books
Review by Sunflower

Our memories define us – don’t they?

And Skye Threppel lost most of hers in a car crash that stole the lives of her best friend and fiancĂ©. It’s left scars, inside and out, which have destroyed her career and her confidence.

Skye hopes a trip to the wide dusty landscapes of Nevada – and a TV convention offering the chance to meet the actor she idolises – will help her heal. But she bumps into mysterious Sci-fi writer Jack Whitaker first. He’s a handsome contradiction – cool and intense, with a wild past.

Jack has enough problems already. He isn’t looking for a woman with self-esteem issues and a crush on one of his leading actors. Yet he’s drawn to Skye.

An instant rapport soon becomes intense attraction, but Jack fears they can’t have a future if Skye ever finds out about his past ...

Will their memories tear them apart, or can they build new ones together?

Skye needs this trip to America. She's been in hiding and mourning ever since a devastating accident that stole much of her memory, confidence, and two of the most important people in her life. But time has passed, and she needs to live again, to move on. So she ventures across the globe with her friend Felix to a convention. It's a chance to see a place she'd been wanting to go to for years, and to meet some famous people. There she meets mysterious Jack.

Jack's a writer, and he's got his own drama. He's a bit dark and unknown, which drew me to him in the first place. I knew instantly he had a past, and secrets. What were they? Well I had to read on to uncover them. He seems withdrawn, sometimes unfocused. But meeting Skye opened up a part of him he must not have had open for quite some time now. They don't hit it off immediately, but when they do...well, it goes up from there.

The beginning of the story started out slow. Not for a few chapters did the pace start picking up. I was interested enough in Skye's journey to keep reading. Her friend Felix is a riot. He's witty and smart mouthed, but he keeps Skye grounded and knows how to help her. He's been there for her since the accident. Sometimes the point of view switches are hard to catch on to, as Skye's is in the first person, but Jack's is third. I'm glad that I was able to read the story from both points of view, but the switch from first to third didn't always flow well.

All in all, I enjoyed the story. It had plenty of conflict and action. The characters are memorable and believable. If you enjoy contemporary romance with a splash of wit, then Star Struck might be what you're looking for.