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Thursday, August 25, 2011

River of Fear by Kathleen Mix

River of Fear by Kathleen Mix
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full Length (316 Pages)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Jasmine

After ten years shouldering heavy responsibility as her siblings’ guardian, fern farmer Annie Brenton yearns for an exciting and carefree future. Despite the repeated threats of a stalker, she refuses to cower in her house and compromise her long-awaited freedom.

When widower Luke Erickson and his two young children turn to Annie for help and she takes them into her home, she believes her financial worries and stalker problems are solved. Instead, the stalker ratchets up his violence, and her developing feelings for Luke turn her world upside down.

As Luke's past suddenly catches up to them, Annie is forced to make an impossible choice. Is loving a wandering sailor and his children worth the sacrifice of her freedom and the risk of a broken heart?

What do you get if you take a mystery stalker, a hot man, two adorable kids, a big, protective dog and a river that scares you? A really good, thrilling page-turner with many sexy “oooo” moments and adorable “awww” moments.

Luke is an ex-Navy Seal running from a past that is trying very hard to catch up with him. He is self-assured while still vulnerable and caring enough to question his own motives and how his actions will impact others. Annie is frightened of the stalker but determined not to be scared away but confused as to what she wants her future to hold. Annie's job is quite unique and not one I had ever even thought of before or seen in any other books.

The suspense is built up very well throughout the book and had me turning the pages to see what happened next. Ms. Mix also does an excellent job of keeping you guessing on who the stalker is. She gives you just enough clues to think you might know who it is then she throws a red herring out there and throws you off entirely.

The thing that struck me as unbelievable was the fact that neither Luke nor Annie had a problem with letting the kids play outside after some of the things that had been happening with the stalker. If I was in that situation my kids would be glued to my side and always in my sight.

Other than the children, there aren't many secondary characters. We get a few phone calls between Annie and her friend, as well as Annie and her sister and we get one visit from the sister. Annie has quite a history with her siblings that could have really been built up but was left a little flat and the sister is portrayed in such a way that you are left with no sympathy for her at all.

I really enjoy the romantic suspense genre and this book was no exception. The action brought on by the stalker fit the genre very well and the characters were believable. Definitely a book that I would recommend to a friend, so grab a blanket and a reading light, curl up in bed with the lights out, settle in for some nail biting moments and read this book.