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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Recompromising Amanda by Barbara Burke

Recompromising Amanda by Barbara Burke
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Historical
Length: Short Story (56 pages)
Heat Level: Hot
Rating: 5 Books
Reviewed by Moonflower

How has beautiful, popular Amanda Smythe-Kincaid managed to reach the ripe old age of twenty-five without getting married? Could she possibly still be carrying a torch for Jason, her brother's best friend? It’s been years since they were caught kissing in the conservatory.

Jason, the third Viscount Greyshott, has been in love with Amanda for ages. Too bad he can’t convince her of that fact, and too bad she repeatedly turns down his marriage proposals.

When Amanda asks Jason for a shocking favor, he realizes this may just be the opportunity he needs. And when fate, in the form of an exasperated older brother and some inadvertent eavesdropping, finally steps in to bring this charming Regency couple into each other’s arms—where everyone around them knows they’ve always belonged—Amanda doesn’t stand a chance.

“I bet she’ll die an old maid and never know love.” Eleven simple words can change your life forever.

Living during the regency times couldn’t have been all manners and politeness. Imagine that under the thin veneer of a proper lady is a fiery, passionate heroine and beneath the fa├žade of a distinguished lord is a deviously inventive hero. Time is running out for these two would-be lovers. Upon learning of their true feelings for each other, their passion is ignited and it burns hot and strong. Who knew doing something so wrong could feel so right?

Hopelessly romantic and helplessly in love, Amanda Smythe-Kincaid is destined to never marry. As a young girl, she vowed to never marry unless it was for love. She is twenty-five and in love with her long time friend Jason. Regretfully, the only reason he proposes is because of honor. After overhearing those eleven earth shattering words, the vision of her dismal future shocks her. Amanda forms a new plan. She may die an old maid, but she was going to know the touch of a man and it will be Jason’s, even if it is for only one night.

For seven years Jason has asked Amanda to marry him. She has refused him every time. The first proposal was after he nearly ruined her reputation with a kiss. Jason continues to ask her year after year and will do so until she accepts his offer. Jason loves Amanda, but is unsure how to make her love him. After one conversation with her brother and a request for help from Amanda, Jason’s hope is revived. It will be a perfect opportunity to prove to her that he loves her and that they belong together.

Recompromising Amanda is a delightful story. Ms. Burke took all the great qualities of a historical romance novel and compressed it flawlessly into this little gem. Jason is a brilliant, patient gentleman and Amanda is intelligent and independent. They are perfectly suited for each other, but Amanda has to have been blind not to see that Jason truly loves her. This story was well paced and edited. I am duly impressed that Ms. Burke told an enjoyable and charming story in such a short book. This is a perfect story for a perfect couple.