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Monday, August 1, 2011

Plain Fear Forsaken by Leanna Ellis

Plain Fear Forsaken by Leanna Ellis
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Genre: Action/Adventure, Historical, Paranormal
Length: Full Length (413 pgs)
Heat Level: sweet
Rating: 4 books
Reviewed by Aloe

“Not Death, But Love.”

Pain choked off anymore words. She grabbed the cold stone marker for support, splayed her hands across its front as a sob wrenched free from her chest.

Although she knows that the Amish way is to move on from grief, on to a new season, Hannah cannot move on from Jacob, who was taken too soon.
Jacob’s brother Levi also cannot move on—his love for Hannah burns just as strong as ever. But he knows how much Hannah loved his brother, and the event that took Jacob from them.

And it’s a secret he must take to his grave.

So when a mysterious stranger comes to their community, he too carries a secret; one that will force Hannah to choose between light and dark, between the one she wants to love and a new yearning she fears to embrace.

Hannah is still mourning Jacob even though he died. She wishes he’d come back and they could get married like they planned. But when he does, he has changed…

Ms. Ellis sets the scene in an Amish community, where everyone lives “plain”. They center on their religion and don’t take on the trappings of the modern world. However, before they are baptized into the fold, the young adults are allowed to go away and experience other life. Part of it is to see if that life appeals more than the Amish ways, and part of it is a chance to do what they wish without the whole community knowing it. Most return to the community, but not all.

The author makes Hannah old enough to be of the age for marriage. She also makes Hannah a character of conflict. Hannah still loves Jacob, but she could love Levi, his older brother who works on her father’s farm. Ms. Ellis creates a very strong male character in Levi. He’s willing to wait for Hannah and he knows he loves her. He’s also willing to fight his brother to save her from evil. The paranormal part of the story is Jacob. He’s not dead; he’s a vampire now.

The tension in the story just keeps building. Hannah is one of the most conflicted characters I’ve read about recently. The author shows just how confused Hannah is over which brother to choose, and how hard it is for her to make the right decision. As the action and conflict ratchet up, you can’t stop reading and have no clue which way Hannah is going to jump. The fast pace of the story takes you right up to last page.

This book has a strange premise with Amish people and vampires, but it’s a very good read. And there will be more in this series, I’m sure. You’ll find out why when you read the book!