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Friday, August 26, 2011

Motor City Wolf by Cindy Spencer Pape

Motor City Wolf by Cindy Spencer Pape
Publisher: Carina Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, action/adventure, suspense/mystery
Length: Full Length (264 pgs)
Heat Level: hot
Rating: 5 Books
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

Less than a year ago, Fianna Meadows was a pampered noble in the Faerie court. Then she was exiled, turned mortal and forced to work for a living—in a werewolf bar in Detroit, no less! Still, Fianna has to admit her new life isn't so bad...particularly when it comes to Greg Novak, the bar's sexy owner.

For Greg, keeping his hands off Fianna has been a challenge. But his sense of honor won't let him get involved with a woman put in his care, even if Fianna is eager to explore her new feelings of lust. Resisting the temptation to claim her gets even harder when Greg's grandfather, the region's Alpha, orders him to marry and Fianna agrees to pretend to be his chosen mate.

Fighting his attraction to Fianna isn't Greg's only problem. Someone is killing werewolves and attacking other paranormal beings in Detroit. He vows to do whatever it takes protect both his pack and Fianna—even if that means giving her up...

Suspicion and betrayal are crouched to spring upon Greg and Fianna; two secondary characters who were previously involved in the exciting action in the past two books in the Urban Arcana series. In this latest adventure, the talented Ms. Spencer Pape has thrust them into the limelight to take center stage as a mystery finally gets solved. I’ve eagerly looked forward to finding out how the author would get Greg and Fianna together. The wait was worth it.

Greg and Fianna are about to get their story book ending amidst chaos and surprises as the author wove another intricate, detailed and emotionally charged tale. I was shocked as to who one of the villains turned out to be and I felt great sadness at the loss of what I thought was a great character with HEA potential.

This book has a greater impact for readers who have followed this awesome series but by no means would a first time reader get lost. In fact, they’d have the benefit of the conclusion of the drama and the revelation of all the players. So as a standalone, it will feel complete. For those of us who have read the first two books, the disclosures will have more of a shock and awe effect. In either event, Motor City Wolf is guaranteed entertainment.

Fianna as a character has had the most growth of all the personalities in the series. She initially started out as a villainess, but in time readers discovered she was a victim; a tragic figure caught in a power mad dysfunctional family and expendable. How this woman takes the punishment and not only thrives but earns the respect of her peers in amazing scenes that tested her mettle truly made Fianna a memorable person and a real heroine. I like her as a person and definitely as a mate to Greg.

Waters run deep with the hero, Greg. Of all the people that have come and gone in this series, he has the most to lose and he does. The author wrote so many intense scenes surrounding him or the ones he loved that I reached for tissues several times. He was a man who knew he had a destiny but he didn’t want it. Not really. But fate and Ms. Spencer Pape knew he was the alpha for the job and when push came to bite, Greg didn’t let his pack nor readers down.

There are a couple of conflicts going on. The most adorable one and my favorite is the conundrum of Greg’s attraction to Fianna and his attempt at resisting it. It was totally fun when he capitulated and it made for some steamy reading. The other darker conflict is external. Greg has to face the ultimate betrayal, the loss of someone he grudgingly admits to loving and respecting, and his becoming what he never wanted to be. The big climax and action-filled showdown was tightly written with active voice all the way. It kept me riveted and hanging in suspense and I couldn’t flip those pages fast enough.

It was great seeing all of my favorite characters from the previous books and in Motor City Wolf, they had effective supporting secondary roles that kept the story interesting and the plot moving in a natural progression. I enjoy that sense of community and Ms. Spencer Pape balanced it well.

Motor City Wolf delights and astounds. It has everything I enjoy in a romance book. It has a strong emotional hook, a sweeping and powerful romance that overcomes their initial hesitance, shocking villains, and a love that stands against the worst magic and evil beings can throw at them. I can’t imagine what Ms. Spencer Pape has next up her sleeve but I can’t wait to find out. I’m completely captivated by this world she’s built and the characters she’s populated it with. What a great imagination!