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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Deceptive Behavior by Kate Dolan

Deceptive Behavior by Kate Dolan
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Historical
Length: Full Length (186 pages)
Heat Level: Senual
Rating: 3.5 Books
Reviewed by Moonflower

Geni Bayles has made some pretty poor choices when it comes to men. So she finally agrees to meet the suitor her mother has chosen, a painfully shy baronet from the country. When she encounters Sir Richard Latimer, however, she finds him witty, considerate and charming—but only because he thinks she’s a maid. She decides to continue the deception just long enough to learn his true personality.

Richard knows he has a duty to marry a rich woman to restore the estates on which so many people depend. But he would give anything to marry a fun, clever girl like the maid he’s just met. And just kissed.

He’s fallen for the right girl for the wrong reason. She’s made the wrong move for the right reason. They just might be perfect together—if it weren’t for the complete lack of trust.

Attraction is instant between Geni and Richard in Deceptive Behaviors. Their initial meeting shows their true personalities. It is unfortunate that expectations of society paint a different portrait.

First impressions always stick with a person. It is too bad that their first impressions of each other were very good ones, but for the wrong reasons. Mistaken identities lead to misunderstandings and a loss of trust. That is no way to start a marriage. Unfortunately both Geni and Richard need this marriage to happen, but for extremely different reasons.

Who knew one compromising position, her backside in the air looking under a couch for discarded cordial glasses, would cause so many problems? Eugenie “Geni” Bayles sure didn’t see it turning out that way. Geni is visiting the country home of the Wright family. Her visit is not just for pleasure. She is here to meet her possible husband Richard Latimer. Sir Richard is rumored to be a reclusive shy man. That is not the man she met the night before. The man she met was easy to talk to, educated and charming. He also believes she is a maid.

How can the night get any worse? Richard Latimer is tired, wet and has a strained ankle. On his way to meet the woman that can save his estate, he has an accident and to top it off he seems to be lost. Luckily a young man comes along and takes him to an inn nearby. Upon arrival, he enters the drawing room to discover a charming and witty maid. The evening does get worse. He mistakes his possible father-in-law to be to be the innkeeper and he is way too intrigued by a lovely maid.

Circumstances are revealed but the damage is done. The trust and integrity that both Geni and Richard desire in a marriage is broken. Neither believes they have a chance with the other. Geni refuses to marry an unfaithful man and Richard doesn’t believe he is unworthy to have a loving wife. Problem is they both have wonderful first impressions of each other. Could they both be wrong about what they discovered about one another and just jumped to mistaken conclusions?

Just when you think the characters will never get back on track and have their happy ending Ms. Dolan surprises us. She has done a great job of introducing situations that draw them back together. I do wish though that she would have tied up more loose ends. It would have been nice to have an epilogue wrapping them up and maybe a look into what happened to Geni and Richard. I felt the ending was abrupt and rushed.

Deceptive Behavior is your standard historical romance. It is a sweet story with no big surprises. It has all the components; quirky relatives, love found then lost, misunderstandings and a happily ever after. Same old formula but it still works. It's a pleasant read if you are looking for a straightforward and enjoyable historical romance.