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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Animal Attraction by Jenna McClure

Animal Attraction by Jenna McClure
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (334 pages)
Heat Level: spicy
Rating: 3.5 Books
Reviewed by Sunflower

Environmental consultant Emmalyn Ashmore is outraged when she discovers the last minute replacement for guest speaker at her annual conference is none other than Adam McLean, a cattle rancher, whose lifestyle represents everything she loathes.

Adam McLean has never met a more contrary woman. From the moment Emmalyn opens her mouth, he knows she's exactly the type of woman he doesn't need in his life—ever.

As the sparks fly, Emma realizes there's more at stake than conserving the environment. She has to figure out how to conserve her heart, before she loses it forever.

She's armed and dangerous. She's got her opinion...and is not afraid to voice it. She's not a woman to mess with when it comes to debate. She's Emmalynn Ashmore, environmentalist. So when it comes to a rancher speaking at a convention, Emma has no problem walking right up to his face and telling him he's wrong. Where does he get his information, and who invited him to speak here?

Well that started our story off with a bang. Adam McLean didn't know what to expect when whirlwind Emma walked up to him and started running her mouth about how his information was misleading. Didn't she invite him to this shindig? If only she wasn't so darn cute.

Eventually, Emma is forced to apologize, and she can't even get the word out past her stubborn pride. But now she and Adam are in close quarters, and their attraction begins to sizzle. They are complete opposites. Could it actually work?

Emma sure is a spitfire, and I wouldn't want to go head to head with that woman in a heated discussion. I had a love/hate relationship with her throughout the story and sometimes wondered why Adam stuck it out. She's stubborn, strong willed, and very opinionated, and that seems to get her in a load of trouble sometimes, though she definitely changed for the better towards the end of the book. As for Adam, he cracked me up quite a few times. He is witty and stands his ground quite well. He's good for Emma, once she allowed her ice to melt and he got through her barriers. This is a fun contemporary romp, a battle of the wits, and all around an enjoyable story.

If you don't mind a very opinionated woman, a sexy hero that makes her rethink her feelings, and a wee bit of drama, curl up with a copy of Animal Attraction, and watch the sparks fly!