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Monday, July 11, 2011

Through a Viking Mist by Tami Dee

Through a Viking Mist by Tami Dee
Publisher: Desert Breeze Publishing, Inc.
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Historical, Paranormal
Length: Full Length (191 Pages)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4.5 books
Reviewed by Iris

Two enemies left standing on a blood drenched battlefield. Who will take the as yet unclaimed land for their own?

Ofeig Nabboddrson, a warrior from his youth up, is determined to claim the rich land now stained with blood as his. The only thing standing in his way is a magnificent Valkyrie, a woman who he has seen only in battle and who is called ‘The Protector’.

Eva Samsdottir, an extraordinary woman who singlehandedly saves the children of her village from slavery amidst a deadly raid. Unbeknownst to her a bigger battle awaits her in a Time not her own. Will she have the courage to survive the future?

This is a well-written story, that takes a departure from normal time travel books in that future events are changed, with no repercussions to the past. This is done on the premise that it was already done in the past, therefore the changes won’t affect what has already happened. This is a hard concept to grasp – especially when most time-travel stories are of the “don’t mess with the timeline” theory, but it makes for some interesting action.

While the plot revolves mainly around Ofeig and Eva, also known as “The Protector”, there are many others who compliment the plot, and even time travel. Most of the story takes place in the late 1980’s and early 10th century. However, some of the characters visit the 21st century.

There is plenty of sword play, and murder, mystery and intrigue. However, there is also plenty of good-old-fashioned romance and sexual attraction.

The main detraction from this lovely story is the grammar errors and misspellings. It made reading certain sections of the book difficult.

Because this is a series, characters who would otherwise be secondary in this story have a history and relevance to the current storyline. This seems to lend itself to a fuller, richer story.

Don’t let the “Book Four” scare you. If you haven’t read any of the other three (as I have not), you will still understand the plot, follow the characters, and really enjoy this book.