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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Misguided by Tina Gallagher

Misguided by Tina Gallagher
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (272 pages)
Heat Level: hot
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Sunflower

After a vacation fling, a high school sex ed guidance counselor and a single father are forced to face each other in real life.

Having been the honor roll student, good girl in high school who got pregnant at sixteen, Cassie Finnerty knows what can happen if teens aren’t educated about safe sex. Her job is to counsel the students, answer their questions, and hand out condoms when requested.

Jake Lucas is a divorced, single father raising his almost sixteen-year-old daughter. When the contents of his daughter’s purse spill and condoms tumble out, he freaks out. After interrogating his daughter, he finds out she got the condoms at school, so he goes to confront the person who gave them to her and gets the surprise of his life.

What happens on a vacation fling stays on a vacation fling.....usually. Who would have thought after their hot and heavy encounter in the Bahamas that Cassie would ever see Luke again? What a surprise to see him in her office, quite upset about the way she handles teenagers and sex. Especially when his teenage daughter attends the school and has gone to Cassie to talk.

Even early on, I knew there was fiery attraction between Luke and Cassie, and their reunion wasn't going to be easy. In fact, it was very dramatic. There's a lot of things the two have to learn about the other, if only they could keep their hands off each other. Could it be more than just a fling?

The pair has a lot at stake. What will Megan, Lucas's daughter, think? And Kevin, Cassie's son? How can Cassie keep work and play separate, considering that Megan has come to Cassie with private information, and Lucas shows a concern for his daughter's behavior. There's part of the strong conflict right there. And I knew that once things were found out, it would be explosive. That's what makes for a dramatic romance!

The characters are fresh and exciting, full of life, and very believable. In this contemporary story, real life situations are played out with Lucas, Cassie, Megan, Kevin, and other secondary characters that each have their respective roles in the novel. Add in some hotter-than-fireworks attraction and the need to make the relationship work, and you have Misguided. It's quirky, fun, but yet so down to earth. Readers can very easily relate to the happenings of this story, which is what makes a book stand out.

If you like your romances contemporary, with plenty of sizzling attraction, don't let yourself get "misguided" about reading this book - it's a great novel that shouldn't be missed.