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Friday, July 15, 2011

Long Road Home by Maya Banks

Long Road Home by Maya Banks
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full Length (170 pgs)
Heat Level: Hot
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Sunflower

No matter how far and how fast you run, the truth is never far behind.

CIA counter-terrorism expert Manuel Ramirez has spent the last three years looking for the woman he loves, who disappeared without a trace while on a post-graduate trip to France.

Then, as suddenly as she disappeared, Jules Trehan turns up in a small-town Colorado hospital bed, injured in an explosion that killed her parents. Manny is shocked by the change in the woman he once knew. Kidnapped by a shadowy organization, Jules has been forced to become the very thing he’s pledged his life to defeat—a terrorist assassin.

Knowing her testimony will finally bring down the organization, Manny races to get her to Washington, D.C. in one piece. Just when there’s a glimmer of hope of overcoming her past, Jules must pull off one last job or Manny’s life will be forfeit. It’s a mission she must complete…even if it means betraying the only man she has ever loved.

No matter how long you run, or how far you go, the one thing that never fails is that the past will catch up with you. If you run from someone determined enough, they will find you. And after three years, Manny finally found Jules. What can be done when the one she harbors feelings for is on the opposite side of the law as she is? It brings trouble, and lots of it.

Who is Jules? The question haunted me as I read this story. She appears in the book and left me with many questions regarding the secrecy of where she'd been and what she'd been doing in the past three years. She'd been running from something, that much is obvious, and Manny thought he'd never see her again. What is it about their past? The angst begins to build from early on, keeping me interested and yearning for more.

Both Jules and Manny have a strong need to protect the other, but there's plenty of secrecy and lies in the conflict to keep it interesting. One by one, the answers are revealed, and the action starts. Dodging bullets, staying ahead of danger which Jules seems to have been a part of at one time. Her determination to keep people out of her life (and safe) begins to crumble when she realizes Manny is in it for the long haul. The pair are strong, dynamic characters that stand out. Their qualities are the kind one would seek in a romance novel.

Long Road Home is an adventurous romantic suspense novel. The plot moves quickly, and I never knew what would happen next. There's hardly a dull moment in the story. I was breathless as If I were running with them, literally sitting at the edge of my seat, anticipating the next move. I have the confidence in knowing that when I pick up a Maya Banks book, it's going to lure me in right away, and sure enough, Long Road Home does just that. The love scenes aren't nearly as intense as most of her other works, but they are definitely there.

Do you love romantic suspense? Pick up Long Road Home, and prepare for an emotional reunion between two people that have strong feelings for one another but have to fight to be together.