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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Vengeance Moon by Savannah Jordan

Vengeance Moon by Savannah Jordan
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Action/Adventure
Length: Full Length (180 pages)
Heat Level: Hot
Rating: 4.5 books
Reviewed by Lilac

Revenge is a bitch, and Sariah is her biggest competition.

The name is Sariah DuShayne. I’m a real-life monster hell-bent on revenge. Five years ago, Xander Waithorn had the balls to move to my city and start spreading his werewolf virus. The bastard made me and I plan to use my hybrid DNA to change at will and get my revenge.

I should’ve known better than to hunt him on a full moon, but some days my vendetta gets the best of me. Hormones and Were senses raging, I accidentally ravaged some mouthy humans in a back alley. Werecat and personal stalker Stephan Colinford witnessed the entire fiasco and developed the crazy idea he could derail my path of vengeance. Talk about the cat calling the wolf a canine—Stephan has less control over his powers than I do. Then we met at his cage fight, and I couldn’t help surrender my soft curves to his hard body.

Somehow, Stephan thought love would change everything, but he’s wrong. I’ll do whatever it takes to punish Xander and his pack of lap dogs. After Xander’s hell of a werewolf-a-palooza concert, blood and fire will reign. If Death and Hell won’t have me, my only prayer is Stephan will…

Prepare to go on a wild, lusty, and revenge filled ride from start to finish in Vengeance Moon. Typically love forms out of events or situations; but this is no typical story and the emotions are dealt with after satisfying the more urgent desires. Animal instincts are too difficult to be controlled once the animal is let out of the cage!

Sariah DuShayne, left for dead after she and her werecat lover were attacked and assumed killed by the werewolf known as Xander Waithorn. Unfortunately for Xander, Sariah had not only survived the attack but transformed into a werewolf/werecat hybrid shapeshifter.

The new mission in her “undead” life -- make Xander pay for the lives that he’s destroyed through death or worse: turning them werewolf. Vengeance toward the only one who had caused the Sariah so much pain and suffering in her life along with every female subjected to being a victim by Xander's hand. Instead of cold, Sariah plans for her vengeance to be served up painful and bloody!

As a rising MMA fighter -- Stephan Colinsford is all too aware that restraint along with natural instincts are needed to stay alive during a fight in the cage. What Stephan was not prepared for was to fight the attraction felt from the first scent of Sariah’s feline side. Born a werecat, Stephan went rogue early in his life by leaving his pride and chosing to ignore his basic animal instincts, instead choosing to live as a "normal" human. When he realized Sariah was not only a werecat, but a little something more riled his caged feline.

Brought together by desire, can Sariah and Stephan’s relationship survive through the trials and dangers of taking Xander down?

Savannah Jordan has written an in-depth story which makes the reader feel like they are in the center of all of the action, standing right beside the characters through everything. The only thing more intense then the sex scenes were the acts of revenge.

I hope that there will be a sequel to follow up because after finishing this story I was left imagining how life ended up for all of the characters and what else could happen in the future for them. When you can't stop thinking about a story, it has power. Why not sample it for yourself?