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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Summer Reunion by Kasey Michaels, Sarah Mayberry, Teresa Southwick

A Summer Reunion by Kasey Michaels, Sarah Mayberry, Teresa Southwick
Publisher: Harlequin Books
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (320 pages)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 5 books
Reviewed by Azalea

For today…

Now that she's reunited with her sister, Tori Fuller doesn't regret a moment of her life. But she's never forgotten the guy who got away. Heart surgeon Sam McCormack is as sexy and irresistible as he was back in college…and ready to prove to the woman he's always loved that it's never too late to start over.…


Lauren Sutcliffe never expected her mother's sixtieth birthday bash to lead to romance. But gorgeous Aussie builder Adam Hunter wants to stake his claim on the bossy, burned-by-love caterer. He wants to share all her tomorrows, if Lauren will just say yes!

And always!

David Longwood isn't looking for love…until a family reunion throws him in the path of free spirit Kinsey McKeever. Suddenly the buttoned-down lawyer is rediscovering his passionate inner self and dreaming about forever after…with Kinsey.

Cape May, New Jersey sets the scene for three outstanding stories of reunion and love by authors Kasey Michaels, Sarah Mayberry and Teresa Southwick.

All Our Yesterdays by Casey Michaels begins this superb anthology about sisters Victoria Fuller and Margaret Mary Longwood who were separated as children when their parents died. Now, thanks to Tory’s daughter Allie, the girl’s birth father has been found and he wants to meet the daughter he never knew and the only woman he’s truly loved.

Heart surgeon Sam McCormack is as sexy and irresistible as he was back in college when the two lived together, but an unplanned pregnancy sent Tory on the run. How could she be responsible for ruining Sam’s high-flying plans to become a surgeon by saddling him with a baby?

Tory has come to Cape May to be reunited with her sister Peggy, a successful writer of children’s stories, but now incapacitated by both a broken foot and kidney disease. She can’t imagine Sam will see anything but the middle-aged woman she’s become, even though she finds him as handsome and thrilling as ever. Sam sees only the woman he loved...and still loves. Once he gets over his anger at her deception, can the man his staff thinks of as Dr. Hottie forgive the past and accept a future that includes a daughter and grandchildren?

All Our Todays by Sarah Mayberry continues the reunion of sisters Tory and Peggy but focuses on Peggy’s daughter Lauren Sutcliffe, a forty-year-old bossy, divorced caterer who’s busily preparing a smashing sixtieth birthday celebration for her mother that includes a family reunion. Included in the invitations is one to the sisters deceased brother’s partner, builder Adam Hunter.

By the time Allie had reunited Tory and Peggy, they’d discovered their baby brother had died in Australia, but they invited his business partner to join the celebration and tell them what he knew of their long lost brother.

Adam arrives at the beachfront Longwood home a week before the celebration. He barely sets foot on the property when he clashes with bossy Laurie. Nevertheless, sparks fly between the two. Not wanting to be a burden, Adam makes plans to stay at a B & B in town but is persuaded by Laurie to come back to the house because it means so much to her mother. Before long Laurie is more than intrigued by the gorgeous Aussie, but how could they have a relationship when they live half a world apart?

All Our Tomorrows by Teresa Southwick continues the family reunion/birthday celebration theme, this time focusing on Laurie’s brother David, a successful attorney who seems to be missing out on life. Once a carefree young man and the hero of a series of children’s books, Davy daring has been replaced by a buttoned-down man both too sad and too serious.

Peggy’s physical therapist, Kinney McKeever is an exact opposite of staid David. She fun-loving, sassy and spontaneous...and she loves David. But how can she compete when David constantly reminds her that she’s an orphan with a history of rejections. Is she brave enough to take a chance? Can David learn to follow his heart?

I loved this anthology. Each story built on the previous one and the authors skillfully created a family you wanted to cheer for. The transitions were seamless, the writing outstanding. I empathized with Tory and Laurie, felt saddened by Kinney’s unhappy childhood and rooted for them to find a way to happiness. This is a feel-good book that will put a smile on your face and make you reach for a hanky as well. It’s been a long time since I’ve read a better anthology, and I have to say I liked each story equally well. As a whole, the book was superb.