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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Soldier on Her Doorstep by Soraya Lane

Soldier on Her Doorstep by Soraya Lane
Publisher: Harlequin
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (187 pgs)
Heat Level: sensual
Rating: 5 books
Reviewed by Aloe

Soldier Alex Dane promised his dying comrade he'd make sure his wife and daughter were okay, and so he finds himself on a doorstep with his heart in his mouth.

Lisa Kennedy loved her husband, but she must focus on her daughter, Lilly, who hasn't spoken since her daddy's death. Still, the least she can do is offer this battle-weary hero a place to rest.

When Lilly's little hand reaches for Alex's big, strong one, for the first time Lisa feels her buried emotions begin to stir.…

He’s a soldier who has come to bring her dead husband’s effects. She asks him in and later invites him to dinner…

With so many wars going on in the world today, this story theme is very relevant. This is a story of love and loss and coming to terms with life today. Ms. Lane has written a tastefully done story about a wounded warrior, Alex, who has learned to isolate himself and hold all emotion within. He’s made himself a life in the service, but he’s out of now and isn’t sure what to do with himself anymore.

The heroine, Lisa, has pretty well adjusted to being a widow, but his appearance and the letters he brings from her husband stir her emotions back up again. She’s not looking for a new man in her life yet, but when her daughter (who quit speaking when she found out her father had died) takes his hand to lead him out to look at the lake she can’t help but feel her heart respond.

This author talks of these emotions and how long it takes to heal with the resonance of experience. Perhaps not her own, but Ms. Lane is familiar with how hearts hurt and how they heal.

As you read about Alex and Lisa adjusting to being around each other, you begin to see the goodness in both characters and how Lisa is careful in handling the man she is growing to love. She knows there is something in his past, but doesn’t press him to talk about it. As she shares more with him, he finally begins to get more comfortable with her and shares a few things back.

The road to love is not easy, and when your potential partner is carrying some baggage, it’s even a longer road to smooth sailing. This is a sweet, romantic story with some challenges for the characters that’s well worth the read. Why not get a copy for yourself and see how it all turns out?