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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Moon of Ripening by Diane Davis White

Moon of Ripening by Diane Davis White
Publisher: HeartSent Books
Genre: Historical
Length: Full Length (238 pgs)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: Best Book
Reviewed by Nightshade

When Lakota warrior Thunder Heart, who is destined to be a leader of his people, saves the lives of two white women during Red Cloud's War, he places his family and, indeed, his entire village at risk. Can Thunder Heart keep these women safe? Will his act of compassion cause the death of his people?

Will his people demand the abandonment or death of these women in order to avoid the wrath of the Bluecoats or perhaps, that of Red Cloud?

Uncertain of the outcome, he knows only one thing: He desires the pale-haired beauty, Victoria Abernathy, and will do anything to insure her safety.

Powerful and engaging, Moon of Ripening transports the reader to a world of warriors and chiefs in a time when the west was the domain of an ancient and proud people. The attention to historical detail in this novel adds a new dimension to the life of the Lakota during the 1860s. The author has captured the savage beauty of the time along with the cruelty and mistrust that had been ingrained in both the whites and the Indians alike.

Throughout this book, we follow Thunder Heart, a Lakota chief, Victoria, daughter of a preacher, and Lilith, Victoria’s mother as their lives are intertwined with the Lakota tribe that is attempting to avoid the United States Calvary. During this journey, all three are forced to reexamine all they have been taught about the other race in an attempt to survive this brutal time. As their journey progresses the tenderness that Thunder Heart feels for Victoria grows even in the face of impossible odds.

Strong and powerful, this love story captures the imagination in a way unique to the Native American people. This book is one that I loathed to leave for any reason until I reached the final page. It has anything and everything I look for in a historical romance then goes a step further by focusing on the environment and events around the main couple, not just on the couple themselves. This was a refreshing change to the more formulistic romances that have been available over the past two decades.

An absolute masterpiece, this book awakens the romance and strength of an era when nothing was certain and individuals had to depend on one another for their very survival. I will be actively seeking new works from this author and hope she doesn’t keep me waiting long.