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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Loved by A Warrior by Donna Fletcher

Loved by A Warrior by Donna Fletcher
Publisher: Avon Books
Genre: Historical
Length: Full Length (258 pages)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4.5 books
Reviewed by Camellia

It has been prophesied that four men, raised as brothers, will bring Scotland back to her rightful glory. It is time for the second to take up his sword.

When a Highland warrior fights, he fights for honor. And when Reeve MacAlpin sees a beautiful stranger surrounded by bandits, he does not hesitate to do the honorable thing and dispatch her would-be assailants. But at her first grateful touch, his instinct to keep her safe is surpassed by a longing to keep her close . . . and to fulfill her every desire.

For as long as Tara can remember, she has lost the people she loves most—a curse that is sure to doom anyone who shows her kindness. She can never love without bringing death—and though her powerful Highlander champion tempts her beyond imagining, she fears that to give herself to him means his downfall. And yet she knows she must tempt Fate . . . for to resist him would be just as unthinkable.

Unselfish love—a gift from the heart--is all that can take away the curse that was placed on Tara many years ago.

Raven-haired, lavender eyed Tara, known as the “death bride” seeks a safe haven to live her life in solitude where she will bring hurt to no one. While traveling she is beset by robbers. She stands her ground ready to accept her fate THEN the alpha-male Reeve MacAlpin comes.

A warrior, tall, lean, muscular, Reeve wields his lethal sword with exquisite grace and unerring accuracy. He takes Tara to the MacAlpin clan where there is no living in solitude. As she promised, she gives Reeve her money (almost all of it) which was “a bride’s price”, a virtual fortune. The MacAlpin protection is given in “friendship”. She guards against love because death comes to those who get too close to her. She cares for the people of the clan and tries to hold herself apart from them so they will not die, yet she lives in fear of what might happen to them.

The MacAlpin clan’s mission is to see the rightful King of Scotland back on the throne. Reeve and his three chosen brothers, all mighty warriors, take note of the increased presence of the corrupt King Kenneth’s soldiers in their area. They sense the time draws near for action, yet realize there is something unusual about the often undisciplined actions of the soldiers. What finally comes to light sifts action into high gear for more than one reason. Tara’s old life intrudes making twists and turns in the plot that keep the reader turning pages.

The Picts, a unique people of mystery whom many fear, bring their skills to help the MacAlpins when they bring one of the brothers home who was seriously wounded by the soldiers. Their help and wisdom not only helps the fight against the enemy but also shows the way for Reeve and Tara as they, finally, with trust and honesty, reach out for love with courage..

Donna Fletcher is a fantastic story teller. She weaves history, superstition, customs of the time and the people, humor, and love into Loved by a Warrior. She shows Reeve with a sense of humor when he says “I’m always right”, but she also reveals that his unwavering efforts and good judgment proves the statement is true more often than not. He never loses sight of his goals.. Ms. Fletcher weaves in some poignant truths like “trust and honesty” are needed for a good marriage and advise to live with “courage not fear”. Her non-obtrusive writing style slips readers into that unique time in Scotland and lets them share a memorable vicarious experience with the characters. The remarkable love that is willing to give all makes Loved by a Warrior special.