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Friday, June 10, 2011

Giving Up The Ghost by Melissa Ecker

Giving Up The Ghost by Melissa Ecker
Publisher: Turquoise Morning Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full Length (206 pages)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Sunflower

Kylie McAllister has it all until her world is shattered by the death of her husband, Jackson, in a car accident. After a year of grieving, Kylie uses the proceeds from Jackson’s life insurance to purchase a plantation home on the outskirts of New Orleans to start over with their daughter, Abby. Confirmed bachelor, Ryan LaCroix, has no intentions of settling down with anyone, let alone his best friend’s widow, but somehow Kylie and Abby find their way into his heart.

After discovering an old Ouija board in the attic of her new home, Kylie unwittingly opens a cosmic door to an incubus who pretends to be the dead husband she is so desperately struggling to let go of. She falls deep under his potent spell of delicious sex and malevolent obsession while he gradually drains her life to fortify his own. By the time she realizes he’s an imposter, she is powerless to stop him. Together, with Jackson’s subliminal guidance and the help of a kind voodoo practitioner, Ryan and Kylie wage a fight for her life against the evil entity.

Ouija boards bring trouble. The trouble that's beyond our realm... like spirits. Yes, that's right, ghosts. For a grieving woman, the crazy possibility of connecting with her dead husband convinces her to use the Ouija board. And at first, it's simple comforts of her husband's spirit that keeps her going.

But what Kylie can't see, what she doesn't know, is far more dangerous. She becomes drained. She loses far too much weight, unexplainable occurrences happen in the house. People around her are wondering if Kylie is loosing touch with reality. Who could blame her, though, after losing her husband in a tragic accident? Of course she's going to want to hold on to him, his memory, for as long as possible. But there's her daughter, young Abby to think about. And then, there's Ryan.

Ryan is Jackson's best friend. Neither Kylie or Ryan want to feel the physical and emotional connection that they have for one another. It's wrong for many reasons....isn't it? Jackson is gone, but both are honoring his memory and keeps them from starting over, and moving on.

As the time goes on, the two spend more and more time together, and their attraction escalates into something more. And someone, or rather something, doesn't like that one bit. The ghostly visits that were once calm and comforting to Kylie are now angry, pushy visits. And that leaves physical damages. And the tale only gets more twisted and deadly as the story goes on.

Giving Up the Ghost is a thrilling romantic ghost story. One of the many things that stood out are the characters. Kylie, Abby, Ryan and the secondary characters are ones that won't be easily forgotten. And the paranormal element in such an emotional story kept the pages turning. I didn't want to put this down. With a story that combines many of my favorite elements in a good book: romance, an emotional punch, and the world of the unknown, ghosts, I enjoyed it immensely.

Do you enjoy a little spookiness in your romance? Pick up Giving Up the Ghost, a haunting ghost story that will touch your heart, but send chills down your spine at the same time.