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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Beg For Mercy by Jami Alden

Beg For Mercy by Jami Alden
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full Length (448 pages)
Heat Level: spicy
Rating: 5 Books
Reviewed by Sunflower

He lurks in the shadows, waiting and watching . . . And once he has you, all you can do is. . .


Megan Flynn thought she was falling in love. Cole Williams wasn't just handsome and passionate, he was one of the good guys. Or so she thought, until he arrested her brother-the only family she has left-for a murder she knows he couldn't have possibly committed. Now, with her heart broken and her brother's life hanging in the balance, Megan will risk everything to prove his innocence. Even if that means throwing herself into the path of a sadistic killer with a hauntingly familiar MO.

Seattle Detective Cole Williams had given up on making Megan see reason where her brother is concerned. But when she insinuates herself into the most shockingly brutal case Cole has ever worked, he can't stand idly by. Plunged into a secret world where the city's elite indulge their darkest desires, Cole will do whatever it takes to bring down a madman who has made Megan his most coveted prey.

Years ago, Megan's brother was arrested for murder. All the while, Megan believes he is innocent, and becomes an advocate to find the real killer. She refuses to give up, or to think he could be guilty. And now, Megan is brought face to face with Cole, the man she thought she loved, and the man who'd made the arrest. With conflicted feelings, Megan finds herself in the midst of trouble, and Cole can't stay away from her.

A murderer is on the loose. Tension in the city if high. In this new case, Megan wonders if this will be the case that catches the real killer, and proves her brother's innocence. Not afraid to get her hands dirty, Megan dives in and begins her own sleuthing. The author created such a persistent, stubborn character in Megan. She's not the kind of woman who backs down, even when danger stares her right in the eye. With Cole back in her life, Megan hopes to find out the truth. The conflict set up between the couple sets the stage for an suspenseful romance. Indeed it was.

Detective Cole Williams' career is on the line. With such an personal interest in the case, the police force questions his capabilities of handling this case. Torn between the feelings he still has for Megan and doing his job without conflict, Cole finds himself in some predicaments. But with the killer having an interest in Megan, he can't just walk away from her now.

Beg For Mercy is a chilling suspenseful read that literally had me biting my nails in anticipation. The characters are memorable and the action kept the pages turning. Along with the suspense, this book also pulls on the emotions of the reader with Megan and Cole's fiery past, and the arrest that tore them apart.

If you enjoy heart-stopping romantic suspense that sizzles the pages, a hero and heroine with a romantic past that have a second chance, then this is a book not to be missed.