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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

August in Montana by Kandi Jaynes

August in Montana by Kandi Jaynes
Publisher: Desert Breeze Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (101 pages)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Rosemary

Jerrah believed she had spent the past year healing from grief and tragedy, finding solace in secluded campgrounds and the quiet companionship of her dog Mocha. Her solitude is suddenly broken when she walks into Cal, a local rancher. After the accidental intimacy of impact, Jerrah discovers her ankle has been re-injured and she is now dependant on this stranger and his two sons.

While staying at Cal's ranch, long buried emotions are reawakened. Her sense of family and the bonds of friendship have her moving to the rhythm of ranch life. Cal’s boys start calling her mom, and she starts a surprising relationship with an abused horse. She spends time teaching the horse to trust again, but can she teach herself?

August in Montana is a heartwarming love story with a delightful cast of characters that will steal your heart.

Jerrah Jacobs’ solitary journey of the past year has been a time of healing as she travels from place to place with her dog Mocha. Her stop in Traverse, Montana proves to be life-altering when she literally runs into local rancher Cal McFerren and injures her ankle. A gentleman to the core, Cal overrides Jerrah’s objections and takes her to his ranch to recover. Will this handsome cowboy and his two fun loving sons heal the heartache of her past?

Jerrah and Cal are both just a little bit stubborn and their inevitable clashes provide conflict and added depth to the story. Jerrah’s feisty personality keeps Cal on his toes as he tries to bend her to his will. Cal gains Jerrah’s trust as he gently pushes her to reveal the secrets that haunt her. Jerrah’s struggles to come to terms with her past are realistic and often heartbreaking.

The relationship between Cal and his sons, T.J. and Reece is warm and loving. Both boys have a wicked sense of humor and Cal good naturedly puts up with their teasing. The camaraderie and witty banter between Reece, TJ and Jerrah contributes to the novel’s homey feel.

August in Montana is a multilayered story with vibrant and three dimensional characters. Strong family ties, a sweet romance and poignant moments keep the reader fully engaged in this charming novel by newcomer Kandi Jaynes.