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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Touch of A Thief by Mia Marlowe

Touch of A Thief by Mia Marlowe
Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corp.
Genre: Historical, Paranormal, Action/Adventure
Length: Full Length (274 Pages)
Heat Level: Hot
Rating: 5 Books
Reviewed by Honeysuckle

London’s most talented criminal is about to be fingered...

Lady Viola Preston can relieve a gentleman of the studs at his wrists without his being any the wiser and pick any lock devised by man in less than a minute. But she’s careful to wear gloves when she steals jewels. Because when Viola touches a gemstone with her bare skin, it “speaks” to her, sending disturbing visions—visions almost as unsettling as the sight of the cool-eyed stranger who catches her red handed.

Now Viola will only be stealing at Greydon Quinn’s behest. And even more daunting than the violent history of the red diamond he’s after is the prospect of a night in the devastatingly handsome lieutenant’s arms. Touch has always been Viola’s weakness, and the full body-to-body contact Quinn has in mind is about to shatter her defenses and set her senses reeling.

A man on a mission to recover a priceless red diamond and pacify a restless nation. A woman with a talent for liberating the Ton’s jewels and a gift that often feels like a curse. She is Lady Viola Preston aka the Mayfair Jewel Thief. He is Lieutenant Greydon Quinn and is on a quest to fulfill a promise to friend, but will Quinn ultimately lose his heart to one “Lady Light Fingers”?

From the talented imagination of author Mia Marlowe comes a page turning adventure that crosses the continent and back in search of the Blood of the Tiger, a rare red diamond stolen from the principality of Amjerat. The gem has a history of causing death and destruction when it’s not in the temple of Shiva. As Quinn’s friend Sanjay puts it, “Only in the care of Shiva can its evil bent be tempered”.

I honestly couldn’t put this book down. Ms. Marlowe captured my attention on page one with a sensual opening and held it captive through fight scenes, a spoiled break-in, a provocative steamer crossing the Seine to Paris and further into Europe before arriving back in England for an exciting conclusion.

Lady Viola was a beautifully crafted heroine for this novel. Ms. Marlowe paints a true depiction of the life of a female during the 19th Century. They have few rights and can not inherit when the male head of the house passes away. This has left Viola, her mother and sister to rely on the kindness of others to sustain a very mediocre living. When Viola realizes a talent for breaking and entering, she assures herself and her family a way to survive when her only other choices for work would surely bring disgrace to the Preston name. Obviously, it’s not a known fact that the Mayfair Jewel Thief is a woman; who would believe it anyway, right?

Likewise, Quinn was the perfect hero. He has a heart for the people of Amjerat when the throne is supplanted by the East India Trading company using an outdated doctrine. Quinn also has a lust for learning all things concerning pleasuring a woman. Luckily for Viola, Quinn has no objection to practicing his skills on the lovely thief. Regency romance has always been one of my favorite genre but the books I read in my youth were never quite like this. The chemistry between Quinn and Viola is palpable and breathtakingly sensual. Viola puts effort into denying what she wants and feels for Quinn but in who could really resist a persistent gentleman.

Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of Touch of A Thief. The dialogue and vivid language will keep you turning the pages. I can’t wait to see what Ms. Marlowe has in store for us next.