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Friday, April 15, 2011

Rawhide and Roses by Maddie James

Rawhide and Roses by Maddie James
Publishing: Turquoise Morning, LLC
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (176 Pages)
Heat: Sensual
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Canterbury Bell

She's all roses...

Playing good sport to appease her best friend was one thing, but sophisticated Kim Martin was hardly equipped for a Colorado camping trip. Especially when their mountain guide was a rough-edged cowboy who was as untamed as the wilderness. His outdoors style might jump-start some women but a strictly indoors woman like Kim found him - almost resistible.

He's rough-and-ready rawhide...

Thad Winchester's patience for city women was wearing as thin as the seat of his jeans. But there was something about Kim that was putting his hard-and-fast don't-touch rule to the test. The plucky blonde was just the woman to share his Flying W. Ranch. All Thad had to do was bring out the wildflower in the refined beauty, and convince her that he was her man. Bar nothing.

In all my life I will never understand men! Why is it that they just can't come out with what they want? Are we all supposed to have daily psychic moments in order to live happily with them?

In Rawhide and Roses, Kim Martin and her best friend Jillie take a few days away for rest and relaxation, however, Jilly is already smitten with cowboy Mack. In a little game of hide and deceit, Jilly manages to get herself and Kim on a pack trail along with Mack, his partner Thad and several others. Not a bad idea if you know what you are doing, which Kim does not.

Enter owner and pack leader Thad Winchester who has an instant attraction to Kim but decides to make her totally miserable because of his professional ethics of not mixing business with pleasure. Typical man!! His criticism and foul temper are the only signals he is giving out. And Kim...well, she is hooked. How in the world will they make it through twelve days of rough terrain, foul moods and strenuous work without killing one and another? Thad Winchester spends most of his time denying what it is he really wants and Kim Martin spend most of her time trying to make him admit what he wants.

Kim and Thad are sexy, stubborn people who need to stop wasting time and get back to what is important in life. You understand the emotional tug, the wanting and the frustration on Kim's part and you want to scream at Thad for his relentlessness in sticking to his guns and holding his feeling too close.

This is just an entertaining and fun way to spend some time. Maddie James is such an excellent writer and her descriptions and dialogue make every adventure even more exciting. This one is a keeper!