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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Protector Mine by Ashlynn Monroe

Protector Mine by Ashlynn Monroe
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (71 pages)
Heat Level: spicy
Rating: 3.5 books
Reviewed by Jasmine

Larissa is on the verge of complete insanity. She has grown up feeling a connection to the rural woodlands near her home. She has never been able to find what or who has been calling to her.

Dante comes from an ancient line of shifters whose sole purpose is to keep their charges safe from vampires. Dante is Larissa’s Protector. There are only two rules- never talk to your charge and never let them know that you are watching. Dante breaks every rule when it comes to Larissa when they are swept into a torrent of desire that threatens to consume them.

Will the price of breaking the rules to follow their hearts be too great? Hunters lurk in the forest. Vampires are coming. Dante is all that stands between Larissa and the monsters who want to make her one of them.

Have you ever felt like you someone is watching over you? Larissa has. She has always felt a connection to the woods near her home for some reason. She felt as though it was a sanctuary and didn't like people invading it for any reason. She's even put off college because she can't stand the idea of leaving. She's never completely understood what the draw is and feels like she's losing her mind. Until the day comes that she finally meets her protector.

The premise of the story is very interesting. It's a different, and refreshing, take on shifters and weres, with a new background that I haven't seen before. The story drew me in and kept me reading, wanting to know more. The characters were believable and interesting. The sisters are amusing and realistic while the dad is protective and gruff but funny. This interactions of the family are really well written and you can see yourself being part of that family.

There is a lot of narrative in the first half of this book. A lot of story is revealed through introspection and I wanted to get to the action or at least some more interaction. Once we do get to the action though, it is really compelling and keeps you turning the page to find out what happens. The saving grace is that the background that you're learning about through the narrative is interesting, and different, enough to keep you interested.

My biggest complaint about this book would have to be that it is too short. I wanted more. I felt as thought, with a full length book, these characters and the history that Ms. Monroe has given the shifters, could have been fleshed out more and deserved a longer story. Everything seemed to happen too fast. Some of the connections, and interactions, between some of the characters just happened entirely too fast to be believable. There is a couple of times when things are mentioned that are never fully explained, which left me confused and wondering. With the length of this story we were really only able to touch the surface and it would have been immensely more satisfying to go deeper.

If you enjoy paranormal stories with shapeshifters, you will enjoy this book. Dante is a complex character and Larissa is not a character to stand by and wait to be rescued. She'll jump right into the action head first. These characters, along with her family, will have you rooting for the happy ending and everything gets wrapped up nicely at the end. Check it out.