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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Northern Nights by Theresa Scott

Northern Nights by Theresa Scott
Publishing: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Historical
Length: Full Length (354 Pages)
Other: Spicy
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Canterbury Bell

Miss Elizabeth Powell, a recent graduate of Miss Cowperth's School for Young Ladies in San Francisco, arrives in the wilds of Washington Territory determined to find her missing father. But when handsome Isaac Thompson throws her over his broad shoulder and carries her off, all her plans dribble away in the wake left behind Isaac's black canoe.

Indian Isaac Thompson seeks to restore his family's tarnished name and right the wrongs done to them. But will his mistaken capture of the beautiful firebrand Elizabeth Powell divert him from the deadly aim of his life: to wreak revenge and destruction on his enemies?

True or False: love is the great equalizer? Can it really change a person’s expectations and perspective? Or does it just open their eyes to a whole new world?

The Pacific Northwest in 1854 was hard, uncivilized territory. Cities were just sprouting, businesses were struggling to survive and cultures were clashing left and right. Native Americans were beginning to learn that working for the colonist was the only way to make a living. Sometimes it was fruitful and others times it was deadly.

An unexpected and untimely murder of a Native American worker begins this story that introduces us to Elizabeth Powell, a kind-hearted and well mannered young woman who lives her life according to the dictates of her etiquette books. In an attempt to bring the murderer to justice the local tribes send a cavalry of young warriors to capture and punish the culprit and his family.

Unfortunately for them, they took the wrong woman. Issac Thompson, the warrior leader, learns firsthand what a strong, rebellious, stubborn and lovely woman Elizabeth is and becomes her protector during their arduous journey to the Indian village. Elizabeth is drawn to Issac Thompson and relies on his strength and loyalty to keep her safe. Their time together becomes more and more personal and intimate until they are separated by tragic circumstances and differences of culture and beliefs.

This is such a heartbreaking and heartwarming story. It shows that no matter what the atrocities or circumstances, true love can carry a person through even the most grave of experiences. The love for an individual can open your mind and heart allowing you to accept what you never dared imagine.

Theresa Scott has written such wonderful romantic and suspenseful stories. This is the type of story that you will open and not put down until you have finished. The love, fear, passion and commitment between Issac and Elizabeth are what real romance is all about. What a great book! Don’t miss it.