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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Life’s A Dance by C.J. England

Life’s A Dance by C.J. England
Second Chances III
Publisher: Aspen Mountain Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (408 pages)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 3.5 Books
Reviewed by Rosemary

When Heather meets the dark, handsome Dustin at the Wildhorse Saloon, she has no idea the single dance he asks of her will lead to the most important moment of her life. But although the connection between them is immediate and powerful, she belongs to another, and all she can take home with her is the memory of a love that can never be.

Dustin St. James lives, breathes and loves music in Nashville. As one of the most sought after studio musicians around, he has his pick of gigs and of the ladies. Yet he's knocked off his feet when the purple-eyed Heather dances her way into his life. Having to let her go leaves a hole in his life and in his heart.

But Fate has plans for these two and when six years later they meet again, the emotions they share have only grown stronger. Can they struggle through the tangles of the years apart, or will their long awaited dance of love end before it's had a chance to begin?

Second Chances III: Life’s A Dance by C.J. England is an emotional love story that will find the reader shedding a few tears, laughing, and ultimately cheering as Heather Kraft and Dustin St. James make the most of their second chance at love.

Heather and Dustin are complex and well-developed characters who both carry a great deal of emotional baggage. With her children now in college, Heather ends her twenty year marriage to her emotionally abusive husband, Eddie, and moves to Nashville, TN where she met Dustin St. James six years earlier. With quiet strength and determination, Heather has slowly begun to recover her self-esteem, and she is actively pursuing her dream of becoming a songwriter.

Dustin’s heart has never quite recovered from his short meeting with the lovely Heather, and he has cultivated a love ‘em and leave ‘em reputation with the ladies. As he is reunited with Heather, he soon discovers his feelings for her have not diminished, and he persistently pursues the reluctant Heather. When Heather finally relents and lets Dustin into her heart, these two lovers face an uphill battle for their relationship as they weather one emotional crisis after another.

Second Chances III: Life’s A Dance is a well written and fast-paced novel. The domestic violence aspect is very well done and it is portrayed in a realistic and forthright manner. There is no shortage of tension as Dustin and Heather work their way through the many emotional minefields that lie before them. In fact, I found myself on an almost constant rollercoaster that was exhausting as they struggle to make their turbulent relationship work. Fear, hurt, anger and a lack of communication play a huge role in the many misunderstandings between them as they fight to put the mistakes of their respective pasts behind them.

This book is an engaging romance with multi-faceted protagonists. Fans of other books in this series will be delighted to revisit past characters as they lend their friendship and support to Dustin and Heather as they find their happily ever after. While Second Chances III: Life’s A Dance is the third book in the Second Chances series, it can be read as a stand alone novel.