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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ghost Hunter by Paige Tyler

Ghost Hunter by Paige Tyler
Publisher: Ellora's Cave Blush
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemp, Paranormal, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full Length (203 pages)
Heat Level: Hot
Rating: 5 Books
Reviewed by Sunflower

Almost getting murdered by a serial killer gives Cassidy Kincaide a new lease on life and convinces her to get to work on that paranormal romance novel she’s always wanted to write. She hooks up with gorgeous paranormal investigator and ghost hunter Trace McCord to do some research.

Cassidy and Trace rub each other the wrong way right from the beginning, but they have to put aside their differences when the serial killer who attacked her comes back from the grave to continue his string of grisly murders—with Cassidy at the top of his list.

Trace has to keep her close to keep her safe, and as they try to stay one step ahead of the murderous ghost while figuring out how to stop it, he and Cassidy end up in each other’s arms. Now all they have to do is live long enough to enjoy their happily-ever-after.

As writers, many go through certain lengths to do some research for their book. When Cassidy contacts a group of ghost hunters for her own research, she never imagined the nightmare that would follow, nor did she think she would find love.

Cassidy has come back from the face of tragedy. Nightmares plague her every night. When she's left alone in an empty apartment, she decides to stop putting off her dream to write. She's got her story in mind, but now wants to make it more realistic. That's how she's led to the group of ghost hunters. And to unimaginable danger.

One of the ghost hunters does not take kindly to Cassidy tagging along with them. Trace McCord has a chip on his shoulder and rubs Cassidy the wrong way. He's rude, snappy, and just plain cold. It takes a strange and frightening encounter with a ghost to change their minds about one another. Trace not only sees that Cassidy isn't backing down, but realizes that she may be in danger from a ghost that shouldn't be able to do the things that it is doing. It's unlike anything he's ever seen before.

Ghost Hunter has all the right ingredients for an amazing, fast-paced ghost story. The author creates a chilling world of spirits, murder, and suspense so intense it makes your heart race. It's the type of eerie thrill that will have you looking over your shoulder at the slightest noise or movement. The plot weaves the reader into a thrill ride. The characters are so realistic that you can't help but feel what they are feeling. Fear, love, panic, and so many other emotions are jam packed throughout the climax of Ghost Hunter. The twists of the story leaves the reader guessing and never expecting the truth when the answers are revealed.

If you enjoy paranormal romance, suspense, a heroine who has gone through one life changing experience after another, and a hero who will stop at nothing to protect the woman he's grown to love, then Ghost Hunter is the book for you.