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Monday, April 18, 2011

Cowboy Take Me Away by Kathleen Eagle

Cowboy Take Me Away by Kathleen Eagle
Publisher: Harlequin (Special Edition)
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (224 Pages)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 4.5 books
Reviewed by Azalea

When photographer Skyler Quinn first fixed her lens on gorgeous cowboy Trace Wolf Track, she liked what she saw but didn't give it much thought. Until everywhere she went—the rodeo, the Double D Wild Horse Sanctuary—there he was, and the heat between them built to the boiling point.

As a widow struggling with debts and loyalties from a former life, Skyler needed to stay focused, especially if she wanted to achieve her dream of becoming a mother. Was Trace a fatal distraction, a mere summer fling? Or did this younger man—so deep, so passionate—hold the key to a future that would make all her dreams come true?

What happens when a woman guided by a sense of responsibility enters into a relationship with a rodeo cowboy who makes his living “going down the road”? That’s the dilemma facing photographer Skyler Quinn when she meets sexy bronc rider Trace Wolf Track.

Skyler, an expert horsewoman, has been widowed a year, but for a much longer time she was care giver to an older husband as his health began to fail. Attending the rodeo gives her the opportunity to see her stepson perform in his calf-roping event (on a horse trained by Trace), but also to get some equestrian photos to jump start her fledgling photojournalist career.

Here at the Wyoming rodeo, she meets Trace and decides to tip the apple cart and for once do something for herself. The intriguing and attractive younger man is just the fun-loving companion to take her away from the dull existence of debts and former life loyalties. What begins as a friendly night out, develops into a temporary commitment to share the training of a mustang she selected for a worthy charity auction--Mustang sally's Makeover Challenge. Though their passion runs deep, cautious Skyler wants stability and the chance to have a child of her own, but she finds Trace unready to make the investment in a more permanent liaison. Even though the two seemed well-suited, they were opposites in their career paths and I wondered if either could move enough to the center or if the chemistry between them could unlock a door to a long-term future together. The sex scenes between Skyler and Trace are sensual, germane to the plot and very well done.

Ms. Eagle’s vibrant dialogue and brilliant use of prose and inner thought (the "overreaching sky", "The rush that came with the ride was still good, but the road between rushes was getting longer") sucked me into the story instantly. In addition to creating two extremely likable characters, the witty repartee between Skyler and Trace kept me in nonstop smiles. Both protagonists are engaging and show realistic character development as they journey from carefree to committed, even though it seems as if this won’t happen. Not to worry, Eagle’s consummate skill shines in this enjoyable read that plumbs the human psyche.