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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Aphrodite’s Kiss by Julie Kenner

Aphrodite’s Kiss by Julie Kenner
Publisher: Dorchester Publishing
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full Length (352 pgs)
Heat Level: spicy
Rating: 4.5 books
Reviewed by Cholla

On her 25th birthday, Zoe Smith had the chance to become a superhero. With her new powers, how was she going to give herself the birthday gift she'd really set her heart on--P.I. George Taylor? But George was looking for an average Jane--he could never love a superhero-to-be, could he?

Mild mannered librarian by day, super hero-in-training by night? Seems like that’s Zoe Smith’s current forecast, or at least until she turns twenty-five and can become a full-time super hero (with the Council’s approval first, of course). In the meantime, she’s on the hunt for a special necklace and will not let anything get in her way – not her crazy cousin, nor her super hunky detective sidekick.

Zoe Smith is a hot mess. Senses so hypersensitive that just the tiniest bite of chocolate sends her to the moon and back. Forget about physical contact – it’s so far beyond her ability to cope that she’s just given up trying. It’s the curse of being a super hero-in-training, I suppose. However, she tackles her challenges head on and lets nothing get between her and her objective.

Armed with her sense of humor and an array of off-the-wall sidekicks, she faces each insane obstacle with composure and a grin. I loved that Zoe was so open to whatever happened, never flinching at what had to be done. Her reluctance to let the love flow, however, made me a bit sad, even with knowing her very reasonable reasoning for why she resisted. In the end, the getting her there with her detective was well worth it.

Detective George Taylor has retired from the force and is going it alone as a private investigator. Just barely managing to pay the bills when he’s offered a job he can’t refuse, he takes on the impossible. Taylor is the perfect man. He’s handsome, he’s interesting, and he doesn’t let any of Zoe’s oddities stop him from loving her fully and completely. After all, every woman needs a man who can not only put up with, but cope with her special brand of crazy. And Taylor’s just that kind of man. It helps that he’s not afraid to put his detective skills to use and discover for himself what is going on around him.

I'm always in the mood to laugh out loud, so Aphrodite’s Kiss was a hit from the very first page. Packed full of over the top situations and characters that are just as out there, you can’t help but be drawn in and whirled away with them as they race across the city in search of a priceless stone before the eclipse. From Zoe’s matchmaking mother to her brother’s eerily intelligent ferret pal, you’ll constantly find one more reason to not put this book down. A great read for anyone looking for a fun, light read, that doesn’t skimp on the romantic!