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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Yours, Mine, and Howls by Kinsey W. Holley

Yours, Mine, and Howls by Kinsey W. Holley
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Action/Adventure, Paranormal, Suspense/Mystery, Contemporary
Length: Full Length (247 pgs)
Heat Level: hot
Rating: 5 Books
Reviewed by Sunflower

Thirteen years ago, Ally Kendall died defending her young cousin from his werewolf stepfather.

She hasn’t been the same since.

Ally returned from the hereafter with strange new powers, burdened with the secret of why and how she survived. She managed to scrape her life together and raise her cousin, but now he needs a pack to guide him into adulthood. That means pulling up stakes yet again and heading for Colorado to find the only werewolf qualified for the job. A werewolf, she discovers, who tempts her to give up control in a thousand sinful ways.

Cade MacDougall, Alpha of an unrecognized pack, has a tragic history, a sizable ranch, and a daughter who thinks she’s a cat. Time to find a mate? Don’t make him laugh. Until Ally shows up with a smokin’ hot, preternaturally strong body that smells like mine, and introduces him to a nephew who holds the key to unraveling mysteries about Cade’s family—and himself.

But Ally’s holding something back. As Cade’s enemies gather, the cowboy and his secretive new mate must come clean about their mysterious pasts…or else all hope of protecting their newly formed family—and their future—will be lost.

Some call Ally the alpha. She's strong, doesn't take crap from anybody, and protects her family. That's how she died. Yet somehow she came back, different. How can the things she does now be explained? Will her life ever be somewhat normal again?

Ally is one heck of a heroine. Her past is surrounded by tragedy, and at an age where most are starting their adult life with so much ahead, Ally is raising a young pup, Dylan. But she does this with no second thought or hesitance. Now that Dylan is coming into adulthood, she has to make a hard decision. And that's when they end up at Cade's ranch.

Cade is the alpha of his pack. He and Ally get off on the wrong foot. Neither can deny their strong attraction to each other, and especially when Ally bonds with Cade's impressionable young daughter. Though Cade is the alpha of his pack, Ally challenges him, but keeps him grounded at the same time. Their love/hate relationship at the beginning of the story turns into sizzling sexual tension before the two give in to their feelings for one another. Both Ally and Cade are not telling each other the full story though. Mystery surrounds both of them. They have to learn to trust one another when dangerous situations arise.

Ms. Holley writes this story with a lot of humor. There's plenty of snark and funny lines to go around that had me giggling. It lightens up the tension within the story. The secondary characters really flavor the book. Of course there's Dylan, the young pup on the verge of adulthood meeting new family for the first time. Even at his age, he loves and respects Ally, the woman who raised him since the terrible night when he was young. There's Declan and Seth, Ally's two wolf roommates that have been living with them as well. Cade's sweet and funny daughter Becca. She's a hoot, and really brings a lot into the novel.

Overall, I enjoyed this. The characters, plot, and suspense were strong. There is just the right amount of foreshadowing throughout that keeps the reader intrigued. Yours, Mine, and Howls is the second in the Werewolves in Love series.

If you enjoy alpha wolves, mystery, a strong feisty heroine, and humor, then you may want to howl along with this book.