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Monday, March 28, 2011

A Wife for Westmoreland by Brenda Jackson

A Wife for Westmoreland by Brenda Jackson
Publisher: Harlequin
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (187 pages)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 5 books
Reviewed by Camellia

For weeks, Derringer Westmoreland was haunted by memories of a woman whose face he could not recall. But he wanted—he needed—to share that intense passion again. Now. When he finally traced his mystery woman, he was met with a surprise. His fantastic one-night stand was Lucia Conyers, his sister-in-law's best friend. And Lucia wasn't about to become one of Derringer's women. For the first time in his charmed life, the ranch owner had some wooing to do. And if he wanted to win Lucia's heart, he'd better be ready to risk his own.…

Obsessed with Derringer Westmoreland since she was sixteen, Lucia Conyers, who is nearing her thirtieth birthday, inadvertently tips the scales of fate and ends up in Derringer’s bed. WOW!

Lucia cradles this world-shattering time in her heart and tucks it away in the recesses of her mind. She is not Derringer’s kind of woman. If he had not been delirious, this night of her dreams would have never happened. She slips away before he wakes, even though she has to leave her pink panties. She hugs her secret close, telling only her best friend Chloe what happened. Chloe’s prediction—“He’ll track you down” is a foreshadowing of coming events.

Derringer wakes to the scent of sex and a woman’s perfume, with lacy pink panties under his leg, and knowing he had the most satisfying sex of his life. He just cannot remember who it was with. The very scent of her sends desire racing through his body again. In frustration, he talks to his brother Zane and soon learns who was in his bed. His plan to confront her sets him on a life-changing course.

Even though Derringer is known as “a ladies’ man” in all of Denver, he never plans to fall in love because his is sure he cannot endure the loss of another loved one. As he pursues Lucia in his plan to get even, he finds she is fun to be with, a good conversationalist, gorgeous in very way, and the sweetest thing he has ever seen after mind-blowing sex. She sends “splendorous shivers” down his spine and fills him with urgency and desire unlike anything he has ever known.

The antagonist, Ashira Lattimer, rips Derringer’s plans to shreds, sends Lucia running, and has the whole Westmoreland clan frowning at him. All his entreaties toward Lucia seem to fail until… well, what ensues makes a romantic heart sing with joy.

Brenda Jackson, as always, excites with sizzling romance and strong, sexy, colorful characters. She sprinkles in humor as she blends many characters and little side stories into the plot to create a world that pulls the reader into the action. Exquisite love scenes take one’s breath away and sends the heart racing leaves an oh, so satisfied afterglow.

If you have read other Westmoreland novels, A Wife for Westmoreland lets you catch up with characters met before while you are enjoying Lucia and Derringer’s incredible mating dance. A Wife for Westmoreland will make you feel GOOD!