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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Something Unexpected by Wendy Warren

Something Unexpected by Wendy Warren
Publisher: Harlequin
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (176 pgs)
Heat Level: spicy
Rating: 5 books
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

Rosemary Jeffers knew she was in trouble when the handsome stranger who'd romanced her on the dance floor turned out to be the pharmacist in her new hometown! Dean Kingsley wasn't merely irresistible—he was an honorable man who played for keeps. And they were about to share a whole lot more than a slow dance. After all, she was having his baby….

Dean needed a wife—or he'd lose his business. So Honeyford's favorite son came up with the ideal solution: Marry the mother-to-be! The once-burned librarian wasn't interested in happy endings, but dedicated Dean vowed to prove once and for all that their surprise encounter had led to something totally unexpected—and he wouldn't take "I don't" for an answer!

Live wild for one night and the results end up being dreams come true disguised by nightmare situations peppered with mortification and embarrassment. It was rather fun.

Rosemary is a woman who is about to embark on a brave journey. She is finally taking steps to start living again after a divorce that shook her to her toes. She thought she had it all but it was a smoke screen and she never saw the truth. During the course of this story, the heroine faces a lot of revelations about herself; some were sad, others empowering and a few were quite exciting. I really thought the author got into Rosemary’s head and I felt very connected to her throughout the story. I enjoyed her sense of humor and the author’s as well. A great example is the humorous situation the author put her in when she finally met the hero for real. Honest to goodness, that whole scene had me in stitches. I could visualize how flustered Rosemary must have been and what it would have looked like with her purchases spread about. It was sort of sweet too and Dean’s reaction was everything I could have hoped for as a hero.

Speaking of which – when I first started reading this story, I had no idea it was the sequel to the book about Dean’s brother Fletcher and when I did realize, I squealed in glee. That first book was so awesome and I’m thrilled to say that this story started out from the get-go with great character personalities, conflict and dialogue. It’s no wonder I was having such a good time so early in the book. It is in keeping with what I experienced the first time.

Dean is the laid back, mild tempered and mannered brother who does everything right and who is the town’s favorite person. That is what they see. I got to meet a whole other side of the hero and I had a ball. For a guy who can give good advice to others he certainly doesn’t seem to do so well for himself. In fact he flubs it so bad it made a great conflict. He’s not as perfect as he appears and I appreciated that. He had to work really hard to woo Rosemary and just when he thought he was getting his own dreams to come true, his lack of finesse and good sense blows up in his face. What a classy scene though.

To get back in the heroine’s good graces was as romantic and wonderful as a romance reader could wish. But was it enough? It’s up to both of them to reach out to each other and meet in the middle and I was never quite sure who was going to do what. I liked the author’s choice and it was very well done and quite hysterical. The poor witness didn’t know if she was in a skit for Saturday Night Live or what but I had an awesome time watching it unfold. It was really cute and one of my favorite scenes.

The author’s choices for secondary characters really contributed to my enjoyment. Rosemary’s family is a hoot and the town folk are terrific. It was great to see Fletcher again and his kids and for me it raised the bar for entertainment but I want to assure readers that this is a solid stand alone. You don’t need to have read Dean’s brother’s story to think this book rocks; it does it all on its own.

Another well done component of Something Unexpected is when Dean and Rosemary explore the physical side of their relationship. For readers who like a good balance of spiciness with romance, this book presents a successful foray into love, horizontal style. Another good scene is when Dean gets Rosemary all noodle-like. I adored the dialogue and the outcome. I was almost envious – except when the hiccups started. That was a clever and amusing touch that Ms. Warren used in spectacular fashion.

Something Unexpected is a sweet and entertaining romance sure to touch a reader’s heart with its tender moments mixed with saucy humor and the zing of love explored. I think Ms. Warren is a wonderful author and can’t wait to see what she writes about next. This has been a completely enjoyable reading experience.