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Monday, March 14, 2011

A Silken Thread by Brenda Jackson

A Silken Thread by Brenda Jackson
Publisher: Harlequin
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (363 pages)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4 books
Reviewed by Camellia

For Erica Sanders, finding a soul mate was the easy part. Brian Lawson is the man she wants, and everyone agrees they're the ideal couple. Almost everyone. The one exception is Erica's mother, Karen, who prefers her daughter marry another man. Karen even hires a private detective to investigate Brian, but the truth he uncovers is the last thing she expected—a devastating betrayal that rips both families apart.

Convinced that her relationship can't be salvaged, Erica ends her engagement. Yet she has lingering doubts over her decision, especially once Brian's attractive single neighbor starts pursuing him. A chance meeting proves that the passion between Brian and Erica hasn't dimmed—but neither has the determination of others to keep them apart, or the shocking lengths Karen will go to in order to undermine her daughter's relationship.

As secrets old and new are revealed, Erica and Brian find themselves caught between the bonds of the past and an uncertain future, each making painful discoveries about who to believe and trust. Masterfully told and laced with the sensuality and drama that Brenda Jackson does best, this is an unforgettable story of relationships at their most complex, and how hard it can be to choose between living separate lives—or holding fast when love hangs by a silken thread….

Secrets and sins from the past threaten to poison the love Erica Sanders and Brian Lawson share. They’d felt a primitive, instinctive need for each other on sight and acted on it. These two beautiful people, from different backgrounds who know they are meant for each other, are oblivious to the undercurrent of evil that seeks to undermine their getting married. Their sensual, sizzling, sexual encounters keep them intoxicated with happiness.

Erica’s mother Karen Delbert Sanders never lets her daughter forget how important her family is in their little town and how necessary it is to be associated with the ‘right’ people.

Even as a child, Erica circumvented her mother’s master plan. Her best girl friend was and continues to be April North from the wrong side of town—a girl who does not know who her father is, but became wealthy and well-known anyway. Moreover, Griffin Hayes, whom Erica’s mother planned for her to marry, becomes her best male friend but never a lover. They conspired, at an early age, to outwit their managing mothers and seek love rather than settle for an arranged marriage.

The gorgeous, unpretentious, successful young lawyer Brian Lawson from Dallas who had been reared by a single mother just will not do for Erica’s husband as far as Karen Sanders is concerned. He just mucks up her master plan. Love does not figure into the equation for Karen—breaking the curse demands a Delbert marry a Hayes and Karen plans to see that Eric and Griffin do just that. She spares no expense and pulls no punches as she sets in to undermine her own daughter’s happiness.

Wilson Sanders, Erica’s father, and Rita Lawson, Brian’s mother, recognize their adult children’s love and they support Brian and Erica in their marriage plans. As they pursue their own busy professional lives, they have personal decisions to make that impact Erica and Brian’s lives as well as their own—some highly emotional, tense times arise. from these decisions.

While the plot kept me reading at top speed, I did not feel pulled into the experiences with the characters, but felt as if I was on the outside looking in much of the time. Even so, it never entered my mind not to keep reading to find out how the characters, even secondary ones Jaye Pittman and Donna Hardy fare when the tangled web of lies and manipulation finally unravels. Of course, April and Griffin’s story is an added bonus not to be missed.

Brenda Jackson weaves together many places and many people to create to tale of manipulation, social prejudice, abuse, social mores, but best of all she weaves in loves that rise above all the evil to soar and sparkle with sizzling sex, sensual settings, and insatiable desires to love and be loved.