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Friday, March 25, 2011

Midnight in Legend by Magdalena Scott

Midnight in Legend by Magdalena Scott
Publishing: Turquoise Morning, LLC
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (62 Pages)
Heat: Sweet
Rating: 3 Books
Reviewed by: Canterbury Bell

Midnight Shelby is starting over. She’s leaving her ex-husband, the big city, and corporate life behind. She doesn’t know where she’s going until she happens upon an amazing website advertising real estate in Legend, Tennessee. The virtual tour of a large two-story big brick building on the main street makes her fall in love, with the building...and with the potential for a new life.

You know what they say…Success is the best revenge! Midnight Shelby is about to prove that theory.

Your husband decides he isn’t happy and wants out…but doesn’t say it to your face; he leaves a note at the breakfast table! What do you do? If you are Midnight Shelby, you buy an old building in another town, restore it and start all over again.

When Midnight arrives in Legend, she is not quite sure what to expect and most certainly didn’t expect the sexy realtor, Martin McClain who sold her the building through email. But it is Martin's son Daniel that speaks to Midnight’s heart. It is her energy and drive that inspires the town and intrigues Martin. He is amazed and drawn by her infectious energy and determination even in the face of all the resistance that makes Martin sit up and takes real notice. Martin and Midnight both have their individual baggage and put the past behind them so they can both start over…with each other.

Midnight in Legend is part two of a four part series, The Ladies of Legend, by four different and very talented writers. This particular part is an upbeat story of a woman rebuilding her life after the ultimate insult.

Midnight is a strong, resilient woman who can see the forest from the trees and welcomes the changes in her life rather than run and hide from them. She truly is a role model to the young woman surrounding her. The story is quick and not big into details or background but talks to the heart. This is an interesting short story that screams to belong to a bigger picture. Enjoy it for the treat that it is and move visit the other ladies of Legend for an even bigger treat.