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Friday, March 25, 2011

Love Free Stake Hard by J. Morgan

Love Free Stake Hard by J. Morgan
Love Bites Book Three
Publisher: Desert Breeze Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Mystery/Suspense
Length: Full Length (185 Pages)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Holly

Dela McNamara thought she had the most boring job in the world. Tour guide to the scenic cemeteries of Savannah. Yeah, that's what she spent her life aspiring to become.

Then Demetrious de Mecini stumbled into her graveyard and right smack into her suddenly unboring life. Along with three female killers, a passel of crazy militant monks.

On the run, they fight for their lives and sanity and land themselves in a headlong flight into danger and perhaps the answer to a mystery five thousands years buried in the clouded mists of mythology itself. Before it's over, Dela finds herself between a stake and a hard place, but if she survives, love might be the ultimate prize or the ultimate curse.

Love Free Stake Hard is book three in J Morgan’s hilariously over the top romance series. Mr. Morgan’s world is filled with vampires, Gorgons, plots, sub plots and romance. I love the way he drops movie and song references in at the most interesting places in the stories, and his convoluted sense of humor makes this book a most enjoyable experience. The characters are lovable and fun, even the villains have some redeeming qualities-well, most of them do.

Demetrious de Mecini, vampire elder from one of the original bloodlines, has left his reclusive life at the Bastillus, the seat of Vampire power in the world. What could convince Demetrious to leave the safety of his home after so many centuries? A distress call, or rather email, from a damsel in distress in Seattle.

As Deme waits for his next flight, he takes a tour of the cemetery in Savannah, lead by one Adelaide ‘Dela’ McNamara. When a trio of mercenary Gorgons attacks the tour, Dela realizes life just went to the other side of crazy with no prior warning. When Deme realizes he has put Dela in danger, he kidnaps her rather than leave her to fend off Medusa and her sisters alone. All this before Dela finds out that Vampires exist, and that there are things in the world she would rather not know about.

As they travel together, Dela begins to first respect and then like Deme, enough that she wants to save him…from himself! As their attraction grows, it also becomes obvious that someone is out to get Deme, and will use whatever means available. Can Dela and Deme uncover the plot, and who is behind it, in time to salvage their relationship?

Adelaide ‘Dela’ McNamara is a free spirit. She has a bit of her mother in her, and mom is a psychic voodoo woman so that is saying something. She is sassy and smart mouthed, and determined not to like the crazy man/vampire that is Demetrious de Mecini. I love watching her slowly fall for Deme, and realizing that he is a wonderful mix of innocence and sophistication. She also begins to believe that there is a plot against him, long before he sees it. I love her attitude and the way she is able to handle Deme so effortlessly.

Demetrious ‘Deme’ de Mecini is the most enchanting combination of virile sexy male and super geek. Having been secluded at the Bastillus for most of his life, this trip to America is his first taste of the real world. I liked his sometimes childlike enthusiasm for everyday things, and his determination to see as much as possible. His belief in the supposed danger to his Internet friend, while commendable, is misplaced. As Dela tells him, anyone calling themselves Lily Muenster can’t be legitimate.

The romance between Dela and Deme is a joy to watch, as they go from kidnapper and hostage, to reluctant cohorts, and on to friends. When these two finally get together, it is done with taste and passion. Deme goes into his relationship with Dela as a four thousand year old vampire…virgin!!! This brings thing to a very different perspective altogether to the Vampire myth of sexy and virile men beguiling women. There are several twists and one very big surprise at the end of this one, and I recommend this to anyone who likes a lot of humor and fun with their romances.