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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Forever Kind of Love by Shiloh Walker

A Forever Kind of Love by Shiloh Walker
Publishing: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (81 Pages)
Heat Rating: Spicy
Rating: 5 books
Reviewed by Canterbury Bell

You can always come home. Second chances come a little harder.

Chase and Zoe were the high school golden couple. Football captain, cheerleader, prom royalty. After graduation, though, Chase couldn’t resist the urge to experience life outside their small town. He didn’t exactly expect Zoe to wait twelve years for him, but now that he’s back, he finds some small part of him hoping she did.

It’s no big surprise she’s married. The kick in the face is she married his best friend.

Zoe was devastated when Chase left, but she’s filed those bittersweet memories under “Moved On”. She loves her life, and loves her husband. She has all she needs. And Chase keeps an honorable distance.

One cold, wet, miserable day, tragedy turns Zoe’s world upside down. Chase never expected her to simply fall into his arms, but a man can dream. Except his dream doesn’t include the fact that this time, she’s the one hitting the road…and he’s the one left behind.

I must admit from the onset that I am not a crier. I do not cry at weddings, Hallmark commercials, or Lifetime movies but most important for you to know is that I do not cry when I read a book.

Zoe and Chase were the typical high school sweethearts, the football player in love with the cheerleader. Chase felt the confines of living in a small town and took off on his own leaving Zoe behind to pick up the pieces of her heart. Chase’s best friend Roger steps in and tries to sooth her broken heart. Fifteen years later when they are married, in love and enjoying the life they built, here comes Chase, still in love with Zoe and looking to pick up where they left off.

Disaster strikes Zoe and Roger and life as they know it is over. Knowing Chase always loved his wife and she never got over him, Roger puts them in the position of regaining what they lost so many years ago.

As I stated in the beginning I am not a crier but several parts of this story struck me where no other book has ever been able to. The quiet and private moments between Zoe and her husband are compelling, poignant, emotionally draining and heartbreaking. Zoe is me and you, an everyday woman just going through life until the universe looks down and throws a curve ball. Chase is the high school hero turned everyday man cursing the choices he has made in the past and living with the unexpected consequences. The author is able to pull you into their lives and their hearts and keep you there until the very end.

Shiloh Walker is renowned for her paranormal stories of vampires, tough women and steamy, sexy heroes. She has taken a step to the left with this novella and has once again proven what an incredible and diverse author she truly is. She has taken lost love romance and given it a new spin.

It is a new experience for me to read through blurry, teary eyes. If you love a great romantic story and a good cry, do not, I repeat, do not miss this!!! Just have a big box of tissues handy.