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Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Count’s Lair by Stephanie Burkhart

The Count’s Lair by Stephanie Burkhart
Publisher: Desert Breeze Publishing
Genre: Paranormal, Historical
Length: Full Length (181 Pages)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 5 books
Reviewed by Fennel

Count Anton Varga is haunted by the curse of the moon. It tugs on his emotions, ravishing his soul. Anton abhors the beast he must learn to tame if he is to find peace.

Lady Amelia Andrássy is an accomplished pianist, but her life in Budapest had been filled with heartache. When Amelia faints in the Duma's bookstore, it's Anton's strong arms that cradle her fall. His unusual indigo eyes spark with hers, replacing their individual loneliness with the promise of feral passion.

After a two month separation, Anton is ready to walk into Amelia's life again, but is Amelia ready to fan the spark they shared into a flame?

Secrets have power. They can destroy those involved or they can release the past, release the dark shadows of fear and free those who care to fight for what they believe in.

Lady Amelia Andrássy knows all about betrayal of trust and broken dreams and yet when she has a choice to make the past is not important, only her heart’s desire.

But is it enough? Danger lurks in the darkness, vengeance demands justice, and will that justice destroy her life once again?

Want a recipe for a great story? Take an awesome writer like Ms. Burkhart, stir in her intimate knowledge of Hungary, her innate ability to create wonderful characters, a book-full of suspense, mystery and passion and you get a book you can’t put down.

In The Count's Lair, Ms Burkhart delivers all of these and more. The Count, Anton Varga, knows what he wants, but will his chosen lover ever accept him as he is and for what he is

The Count's Lair is the second book in Stephanie Burkhart’s Budapest Moon series. And like the first is a ‘must read’ and a ‘keeper’.