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Monday, March 21, 2011

Anchor by Jorrie Spencer

Anchor by Jorrie Spencer
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Action/Adventure, Paranormal, Suspense/Mystery, Contemp
Length: Short Story (141 pages)
Heat Level: spicy
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Sunflower

She follows her dreams into his arms…and danger is not far behind.

Children are supposed to outgrow night terrors. Mala is the rare exception. At night she dreams of wolves, ones who attack, and the ones her dream-self protects. The effort costs her—one dream often leads to a week of missed work.

After a months-long reprieve, the dreams are back with a vengeance. Her defense of a young wolf from his abusive father is rewarded when the boy mentions the name of a real town. Finally, the chance to learn if her dreams are just as real. She never expected to meet an honest-to-God alpha wolf, much less develop an instant, embarrassing crush on him.

Angus MacIntyre, the de facto alpha of Wolf Town, is determined to see every fugitive wolf employed, educated and well-adjusted to life in the open. The arrival of a young wolf on the run isn’t all that unusual, but the human woman hard on his heels is beyond extraordinary.

The dark-eyed beauty stirs his mine instinct in a way he’s never felt before. She possesses a dream-wraith ability that challenges everything he thinks he knows about his world, and makes her vulnerable to those who might try to use it—and her—to their advantage.

At night, she dreams. And not the kind of dreams that make one feel good. Not the kind of dreams where everything they wish for comes true. No, Mala's dreams are the kind that are frightening, eerie, and too realistic. When Mala acts on a dream, to see if in fact it is real, the danger begins.

Mala intends to find Caleb, the boy from her latest dream. Who is he, where is he? A name in this particular dream leads her to him, and the reality of what she can do. She never intended to stay in Wolf Town, but circumstances and people change her mind. Such as Angus. He's different than anyone Mala has ever met, but then again, she's never met a werewolf before, unless you count her dreams.

The first few chapters of this story were a little hard to follow along, but as the book continued, I became less confused and more intrigued as the pieces started to fit into place. Mala had a rare gift indeed, and many in Wolf Town were intrigued or feared by her gift. There were mixed reactions about Mala being there and why she was there. Could any of them ever accept her? The curiosity of Mala and who she was, what she could do had me turning the pages, eager for more. Ms. Spencer does an amazing job of keeping the reader wondering, keeping Mala's character shrouded in secrecy. Little by little, we learn about the heroine and made me like her more and more.

I enjoyed Angus's character immensely. He is a strong leader, protector, father and friend. He protects his pack, and he wants to protect Caleb, and now Mala, especially when she begins to help him find other wolves in trouble and reach out. Though neither would admit it, Angus and Mala's attraction to each other is strong, leading into sizzling sexual tension and a bond of trust.

All in all, this shifter story is captivating, sexy, dangerous and exciting. If you're a fan of the paranormal, hot alpha male wolves, extraordinary powers, and dreams that lead you where you belong, hurry out and get this book.