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Friday, March 4, 2011

Almost An Outlaw by Patricia Preston

Almost An Outlaw by Patricia Preston
Publishing: Carina Press
Genre: Historical
Length: Short Story (74 Pages)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 3 Books
Reviewed by Canterbury Bell

Rancher Austin Cade rides into Liberty looking for his old comrades, the James-Younger gang. He needs their help tracking down the horse thief who's stolen his prized mare. In town, the former gunfighter is reunited with Darcy, the first girl he ever kissed—and never forgot.

Young widow Darcy Branson owns a shop full of fashionable ladies' attire, but continues to wear mourning black so she won't forget her role in her husband's death. Austin stirs a passion inside her that has long been dormant, but can Darcy learn to believe in Austin—and love—enough to let go of her tragic past?

Time is rapidly running out... As a cousin to Jesse James, Darcy has attracted unwanted attention, thanks to her rumored association with the gang. Soon Austin and Darcy are faced with confronting not only their growing desire, but danger in the form of a deadly bounty hunter...

What do you do when that long ago love suddenly appears in front of you? He is your first hero, your first kiss and the only true love you have ever known. Not to mention he once saved your life. Do you run and hide or march head first and take the only thing in life that you hold so dear to your heart?

Darcy Branson is a woman with a mission…to forever protect her heart. Her brief marriage fell very short of her expectations and she lives with the guilt that she caused her husband’s death. She is about to attend the marriage of her cousin, notorious outlaw Jesse James. To protect him from the ever present law, Darcy acts as the go between for Jesse and the rest of the world.

Enter Captain Austin Cade, infamous guerilla commander, thought dead and Darcy’s long ago love. Austin also remembers everything about Darcy, their first encounter, first kiss and only he knows that he has always loved her. When Cade needs to contact the James gang, he seeks out the Darcy and wonders if there still is room in her heart for him. While Cade is looking for a horse thief, the townspeople are on the lookout for a murderer. Can he find his missing horse and protect the love of his life?

Captain Cade is the ultimate bad boy turned great man. He is fresh and unassuming at the same time strong and dangerous. His dominating strength combined with his soft romantic side is the perfect combination for a woman of Darcy’s protective and caring nature. These are the perfect romantic couple, their passion for each other is front and center but they struggle with pride and fear of rejection. He is the man who is wishes to right a very old wrong and she is a woman who cannot forgive herself for something that she was out of her control. Can they turn back the clock and start again?

Although a little short on story and with so much more that could have been told Patricia Preston, we certainly hope these two make it in this thoroughly enjoyable adventure. Facing the unpredictable and the unknown comes with the turn of each page, but the danger and the romance of the Old West along with the presence of several of America’s notorious true life outlaws makes this an interesting and entertaining period piece.