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Monday, February 14, 2011

Vampire Sheikh by Nina Bruhns

Vampire Sheikh by Nina Bruhns
Publisher: Harlequin
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full Length (283 pgs)
Heat Level: hot
Rating: Five Books
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

Demigod Seth is enraged. The recent defections of his two favorite lieutenants have sparked a conflagration of fury within him and a bitter need for vengeance. Someone will pay, and pay dearly!

Who better than Josslyn Haliday? Her two scheming sisters seduced and destroyed his friends, luring them straight into the camp of his mortal enemy.

What Seth doesn't count on is Joss's own anger. After losing her parents as a child, she'll now do anything to find her two dear sisters and bring them back to safety. Anything.

Including making a deal with the devil—him. But how far is the soft, pliant temptress willing to go?

I’ve been waiting for this book seems like forever and it was well worth the wait. Vampire Sheikh rocked!

I’m happy dancing around my room because this book was even better than I hoped and I’m so tickled that Seth finally got his happily ever after.

I loved this paranormal Egyptian world that Ms. Bruhns built and I thought the whole concept was so unique and fascinating. Josslyn is the last of the Haliday sisters to find their way into the secret underground lair of the vampire demi-god and man, is he ticked. I guess he has a right to be because his well ordered domain has been thrown in disarray from the fact that his closest friends and advisors have fallen in love and have done things he never expected because of it.

I will say that the blurb is misleading. It’s really only one of his lieutenants that have defected on him, not two. But one is enough. I always felt sad for Seth because he has been alone for so long. So many depend on him and in fact this story explains just how burdened he is and what he’s accomplished in his long life. It’s considerable. And for a man with a bad rap as he has, the fact becomes very clear to a reader that he is not only capable of love, he does love and wants to be loved. A reader can sense his loneliness and it’s a terrible thing but so too is his anger and his sense of betrayal. He has his emotional armor on and I wasn’t sure how Joss was going to get through to him.

Anger is a great motivator. So is love – and fear. All of these bombard Joss at one time or another, some all at once. I liked her a lot. I always thought she was a hot ticket from her easy handling and wiliness to shoot a shotgun in defense of those she cares for. She’s the eldest and has a huge sense of responsibility and it shows. One of my favorite scenes is when Seth does something that he is so confident is going to scare the spit and fire right out of Joss and instead, she throws him for a loop with her response. What happens after that had me fanning myself. In fact there are many moments of sheer sultry seduction that totally entertained me and had me reaching for a cold glass of water. Ms. Bruhns sure knows how to write stimulating scenes.

There is an exciting and delightful reuniting between the sisters at different times and each scene furthers the plot and intensified the suspense and drama. There is hope when everyone thought it was hopeless. In fact, Shahin from Shadow of the Sheikh gets news that will simply astound him. I was so happy for him, I wanted to cry.

In fact, Ms. Bruhns did a bang-up job of making sure that readers got an all inclusive, effective and assured happily ever after. I think it took three mini chapters to tie up all the threads and it raised my happiness level a notch in every one. It was romantic, thrilling, life affirming and beautiful. I just wanted to hug the book; I was so happy that everyone ended up in love. In fact even someone who a reader of the series knows shouldn’t deserve to be happy gets redeemed. That was a shocker. Not so much that the character got a HEA but the truth that was revealed to allow it to even happen is what astounded me. I never saw that one coming and it was sort of sad and maddening. All that time, all those feelings. Amazing! And darn it, I ended up liking the character after all. Who’d have thought it?

Vampire Sheikh is an awesome, sensual delight from start to finish that kept me on the edge of my seat from its dramatic start to its warm and even humorous yet romantic finish. Ms. Bruhns kept the integrity of the writing all throughout the series and never missed a beat. The characters are easy to like and are fascinating, and the locale is exotic and lush. I enjoyed the action and suspense and how the characters interacted with each other as the story unfolded. I had the most fun reading this series and I commend Ms. Bruhns on a job well done. Thank you for creating such memorable and delicious characters. I had a ball.