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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Through All Eternity by Judy Bagshaw

Through All Eternity by Judy Bagshaw
Publisher: Mundania Press LLC
Genre: Contemporary, Inspirational, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full Length (175 pages)
Heat Level: Sweet
Rating: 5 books
Reviewed by Orchid

On the verge of death...

Two seemingly unrelated women meet as both face the prospect of death. Hanna, in her late seventies and in the advanced stages of cancer, has many regrets from the choices she has made as a mother and wife over the years. Karen, a divorced mother of two in her thirties, longs for the happiness she had for a brief time in her teens with the love of her life.

Between this world and the next...

While Karen has vivid dreams of her bittersweet past, Hanna finds herself having strange "episodes" where she seems to visit an idyllic otherworldly place. Her own youth and happiness aren’t all she finds there: a young man named Bobby joins her. Is Bobby merely a guide, a delusion, or something more?

It’s never too late for redemption...

With little time left, Hanna is determined to right a lifetime of wrongs. Family secrets rise to the surface and tragedy threatens to claim both women as they attempt to discover if love can last through all eternity.

The past and present come together in the most unexpected way. Two women meet in hospital. One old and about to leave this life, the other a young mother who longs to watch her beloved children grow up.

Hannah, the older of the two, has three grown up daughters and three grandchildren. Her daughters believe her to be a cold, hard woman. They visit her out of duty. Stan, Hanna’s husband, finds it difficult to visit the hospital. Hannah retreats from the pain into a dream world where all is peaceful and relaxed.

Kate, the young solo mother, is in for tests to see if she has cancer. Her children’s father has nothing to do with his offspring and Kate is concerned about the future of her children. Her adopted mother is a cold woman who is more concerned with doing things right than showing warmth to her daughter or grandchildren.

The author takes us into the world of each of Hannah’s daughters. Here we discover truth that has been hidden for a long time. We also get a glimpse of the women’s possible futures which could swing more than one way. Her husband Stan eventually comes to visit and things begin to fall into place for Hannah.

Meanwhile, Kate is trying to cope with her mother’s “things must be done right” attitude. Her children are missing her and she longs to be home with them. Her daughter hasn’t spoken since the father left and Kate needs to be there to surround her with love.

Kate and Hannah’s lives come together in a mundane way. Neither is aware of the surprises in store for them. Both women have experienced love but it hasn’t lasted. The past comes into the future bringing with it a glimpse of the distant future, although no time travel is involved.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Hannah’s and Kate’s lives show how different homes and parents can create the adults we become. Harshness, cruelty, fright and coldness. All these outside influences mould the adult characters of Through All Eternity into a close knit unit through the meeting of Kate and Hannah. Emotions run high with the daughters. They argue and have totally different lives, but deep down they are very close.

Each page brings a new turn to the story making it a very enjoyable read. I could empathize with several aspects of the characters. They were so true to life, in fact bigger than life. Their actions and reactions expressed the truth of how life does not always run the way we expect it to. Outside influences drive us into behaving in sometimes inappropriate ways, but Ms. Bagshaw shows us there is always a different path to explore.

If as a reader you need something a little bit out of the ordinary then I recommend Through All Eternity. So what is the romantic link between the two? I guess you’ll have to read the book to find out. You won’t regret it. It is truly one of those books you can’t put down.