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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Seeker of Truth by C.L. Shore

Seeker of Truth by C.L. Shore
Publisher: Eternal Press
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full Length (228 pgs)
Heat Level: sweet
Rating: 3.5 books
Reviewed by Aloe

Tracking the truth can be courageous…and deadly. Detective Jed McCracken is tempted to dismiss his first phone call of the week as a prank, until he realizes he's talking to his late partner's widow, Sarah. Jed hasn’t spoken to her since her husband’s death and is shocked to discover that Sarah is now Sister Lucie. She’s distraught over breaking news about the murder of a former fellow nun and intent on finding her killer. Together, they rekindle their lost friendship while untangling a network of deception, lust and greed. Although they appear to be closing in, the killer proves elusive, prompting Jed to persuade Sister Lucie to bait a trap.

Will Sister Lucie outwit the murderer…or become his next victim?

There’s been a murder, and the victim is an ex-nun...

The author has picked an intriguing story line. The main character, Jed, is a cop who was partners with a man killed in the line of duty. He is still friends with the widow, who has joined an order of nuns. The relationship between the two of them make you wonder if there may not be a romantic interest underlying the drama. Mix in an ex-nun that Sister Lucie knew from the convent who suddenly appears dead in a hotel room, and the hunt is on for a killer.

Ms. Shore works the emotional insecurities of each of her main characters into the story and shows how they overcome their emotional turmoil in time to do the sleuthing they need to do to solve the murder.

The murder is built on a realistic platform, but I found it unusual that a police officer would use a nun (even if she is a friend) and a hotel night clerk to solve his crime. There is no mention of authoritative approval or any payment for services, but he has them taking risks to help find Charlene’s murderer. It strained my credibility.

The story is exciting, the problems they encounter are realistic, and it reads well. The mystery is well thought out except for my concern above. It doesn’t hamper the reading, but it feels like all questions weren’t answered.

With computer scams, a hacker on staff at the church, a nun with business cards, a female night clerk from a hotel, and a cop, how can this not be a wild ride? Just a few pages into the story and you won’t want to quit reading. You’ll want to see what happens next. Mystery fans will want to give this one a try.