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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Midnight Star by Billi Jean

Midnight Star by Billi Jean
Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Science Fiction/Fantasy
Length: Full Length (295 Pages)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: Best Book
Reviewed by Holly

Ranger is a werewolf, a Lykae with a problem. He's found his one true mate, the only female who can complete him. Only trouble is, he's denied his instinct to claim her. Now his mate hates him as much as she believes he hates her. He will have to risk both their lives to finally prove to his stubborn vampire he loves her?

Star is a half-breed vampire with a past of not being accepted because of her mixed blood. Ranger is just one more example of how much she doesn't fit into the immortal world no matter how much she tries to fool herself into believing otherwise. She's a strong female, a fighter, but when it comes to the opinions of others, she has no defenses. Why fight what she knows is true? She is a half breed, less than those around her. She has a home, friends and females she loves like family. Only trouble is, her family is now related to the mangy wolf man who hates her.

Vampires destroyed Ranger’s whole family. At least he believed he was the last of his blood, until Star brought two females back to the stronghold, females of his blood.

Ranger overreacts to Star, as she is half vampire, and tries to take her head, giving her the idea that he hates her. The truth of the matter is, Ranger recognized immediately after the initial attack that Star is his one true mate, but for six months he has ignored her and the feelings she brings out in him. When they are forced to work together, Ranger tries to show her his true feelings, but Star isn’t buying into it. She knows how he makes her feel, and she won’t settle for any pale imitation.

When they become separated from the rest of the team on a mission, Ranger and Star become trapped underground, and he decides to use the time to convince her of his feelings and intentions. This would be fine, except they are being chased by mutant wolves, evil vampires and the Dark Ones, and can’t seem to find a way out. And every day, Ranger’s inner wolf grows more determined to mate with Star. Can they complete the mission, rescue the missing girl and get back to the stronghold alive? Can Ranger convince Star that she is his mate, and that he doesn’t hate her?

Billi Jean has written a fast paced thriller, filled with romance, passion and lots of humor. There are many missed chances, and errors in communication between our hero and heroine, but there is also an escalation of heat as they spend time together. This is a world filled with political intrigue between the vampires and the wolves, and the battle between good and evil. This is a story that kept me on the edge of my seat, wanting to see where it would take me next.

Star is half vampire, and has been tortured by the family that should have loved and nurtured her. She feels no compassion for the evil vampires, and it was those same vampires killed the only person who ever showed her any love. She is strong, and sassy and quick to anger. She has wonderful discussions with herself about Ranger and her feelings for him.

Ranger has regretted his attack on Star for six months, but has no idea how to make things right between them. He is smart enough to realize that when she finds out what he has known since he saw her, that she is his mate, she will be furious about it. I loved Ranger and enjoyed watching as he just dug his hole deeper with every action. Yes he is strong, and hot, and loyal. But above all else, he is fallible, and that makes him all the more attractive. He’s not perfect, and he tends to speak before he thinks, or act first and think later.

This is a story with twists and turns and surprises around every corner. Just when I thought I knew what would happen next, Billi Jean threw me in a different direction completely. The supporting characters were as well crafted as the main hero and heroine.

I want to read more about some of her supporting characters in the future; characters like the demons Agni and Torment, and the other wolves in the stronghold. I look forward to reading more set in the marvelous world that Billi Jean has created, and the passion she evokes from her characters. I will warn you that this one will make you laugh, and cry and shake your head in wonder at the comedy of errors that is Ranger in his pursuit of his mate.