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Monday, February 21, 2011

Merely Magic by Patricia Rice

Merely Magic by Patricia Rice
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Genre: Historical, Paranormal
Length: Full Length (344 pgs)
Heat Level: spicy
Rating: 4 books
Reviewed by Cholla

Magic is her birthright…

The daughter of one of the strongest magical lineages, Ninian Malcom Siddons is a powerful witch. Determined to only use her magic for good, she lives a simple, solitary life as a healer in her village, where she meets Drogo.

A man of science doesn’t believe in anything he can’t see…

Lord Drogo Ives believes only logic and science can explain the wonders of the universe and doesn’t believe the local folklore about Malcolm witches and Ives men, until he meets Ninian.

Despite the odds against them and their (many) differences, the bond between Drogo and Ninian grows stronger each moment they are together... until the chaos and danger surrounding them forces each to decide: their love… or their lives…

What do you get when you mix one part witch, one part curmudgeon, and one part annoying family? An amazing story about love, family, and magic. Come join Ninian on her magical journey from the country to London and back again as she tries and tames the forbidden Ives clan. Many magical and mysterious surprises await ahead!

Ninian is the most recent in a long line of Malcom witches, women who use the bounty of the earth to heal and help those around them. She’s also one of the most unique heroines I’ve ever read. Despite the loneliness she often feels, she’s very at ease with herself and her station in life. And, while she doesn’t exactly buy one hundred percent into the whole ‘Malcom Witch’ tale, she knows that she possesses a power beyond what the normal person has. It’s this combination of faith in herself and reliance on her abilities that makes her such a draw for me. I love a capable woman, and she is just that.

Drogo Ives is only partly curmudgeonly, truth be told, but he is a cantankerous soul at times. Having been forced to take the reins of the family at an early age, his resentment has a tendency to boil over onto anyone within range. Normally, this sort of an attitude on a hero would turn me away, however, Drogo does his best to confront his feelings and rein himself in, although he doesn’t succeed as often as he might like. His need to control and sort puts him at odds with Ninian, often to rather amusing results.

If you like your romance with a touch of magical fantasy woven into it, then Merely Magic by Patricia Rice is a must read! You’ll be enticed in by the engaging characters and hooked by the flow of the story itself. A true storyteller, Ms. Rice will hold you from the first words until the very last. Come, sit by the fire and let Ninian and Drogo entertain you with their tale…