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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Meet Mr. Prince by Patricia Kay

Meet Mr. Prince by Patricia Kay
Publisher: Harlequin
Genre: Contemporary, Holiday
Length: Full Length (218 pgs)
Heat Level: spicy
Rating: 4.5 books
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

If Georgie Fairchild had heard that once, she'd heard it a thousand times. Too bad the commitment-phobe career woman wasn't interested. Now enter strikingly handsome millionaire Zachary—wait for it—Prince, a workaholic father with not one, not two, but three soft spots in his life: his young children, still reeling from the death of their mother two years earlier. This was one Prince Georgie was finding hard to resist!

Last name notwithstanding, Zachary Prince was too old to believe in fairy tales. But his beautiful new assistant seemed to breathe new life not only into him but his children, as well. She made him believe in things that he had no business believing in—like the magic of Valentine's Day…and the possibility of happy endings.

I enjoyed this story about a career minded woman and a widower crossing paths and finding something special they weren’t even looking for.

What made it interesting is how much the heroine, Georgie, protested against her interest in finding love, a husband or any of those nesting urges. Thing is, her mom never gives up on her and insists upon playing matchmaker. I found it ironic that when Georgie gets her mom to stop, and when she thinks she’s safe, fate steps in and throws a man she can’t resist in her way. Oh she tries and those little pep talks she gives herself are fun to read. Mostly because as her internal dialogue progresses, a reader gets to see the small changes occur over the course of the tale.

It’s the same thing with the hero, Zach. He has a lot of talks with himself about what he should be doing and feeling and it’s quite telling. If I hadn’t recently seen Enchanted the movie, I never would have understood just who the author was referring to. But now that I have and I do know, I have to say I agree, Zachary Prince is a dreamboat. He’s also written as a very sensitive and caring man with a wonderful attitude about his kids. He’s every woman’s ideal for a father and husband and I thought it grand.

There’s a different twist that I didn’t expect in this book and that is the sub-romantic plot between Georgina’s mother and “Uncle” Harry. At first I was a bit jarred because I didn’t expect it but then realized that this was not only a sweet addition but, since this is a series, I suspect this little romantic tie-in is probably something long awaited. It was cute and added a nice touch to the happily ever after.

I thought the dialogue was nice, I liked the interpersonal relationships between the main and secondary characters and I enjoyed the blackout scene. I thought the personal drama between Georgie and one of Zach’s kids was well done and gave the story more of an emotional depth. It also proved that the heroine didn’t know herself as well as she thought. I personally think she’s going to make a wonderful parent.

Meet Mr. Prince is a very romantic tale with a story book ending sure to please readers who crave a happily ever after with all the bells and whistles – or in this case, flowers. Even though Valentine’s Day is mentioned in the book, it’s not the theme but it should be – it was that sweet.