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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Making the Ghost of It by Kerri Nelson

Making the Ghost of It by Kerri Nelson
Publisher: Eternal Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (58 Pages)
Heat Level: Sweet
Rating: 5 books
Reviewed by Fennel

Finding the perfect roommate can be a real challenge, but when you already share your home with a family of ghosts…it can be downright impossible.

When Avery Willow buys the old Jekyll Island Infirmary in hopes of restoring it and making a profit, she gets more than her money’s worth when she realizes that she shares the home with a myriad of ghosts from the past century. Now, she must deal with a constant parade of meddling spirits while trying to find a roommate and convince the sexy doctor next door that she’s not totally insane. In this spirited romance, Avery learns that sometimes the one thing you’re searching for has a way of finding you.

You believe the moment you read the title that this book is going to be a fun and delightful read -- I did, and I wasn't disappointed.

Ms. Nelson provides her heroine, Avery Willow, with some very persistent companions that only she can see and talk to. Ech one of them has an agenda and they’re not too particular about how they achieve their aims. To add spice to their mix, the ghosts' goals conflict with each others.

Thanks to their initial machinations, when Avery’s neighbor decides to welcome her to the area, he discovers she’s in need of his medical help.

More than neighborly interest prompts Riley Donovan to make a welcome call on his new neighbour. He wants to know why so many woman call at the house. But when he knocks on Avery’s door his life takes an unexpected turn and he finds himself having to make life changing decisions.

Through the humour there is a serious thread which is unfolded with consummate skill by the author.

This charming and well told story will not only leaving you feeling satisfied and content with the ending, but because the author’s daughter suffers from juvenile diabetes, and she is donating the royalties from the sale of this book to benefit diabetes research for a cure. So, when you buy this book you will help Ms. Nelson with her dream too.