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Monday, February 21, 2011

Listen To Your Heart by Cindy K. Green

Listen To Your Heart by Cindy K. Green
Publisher: Champagne Books
Genre: Historical
Length: Short Story (33 pages)
Heat Level: Sweet
Rating: 3.5 Books
Reviewed by Blue Bonnet

Kit McCauley can hardly believe her eyes. Of all men, she believed Beau to be true blue and not one to step out with another woman behind her back. Sparks fly and secrets are revealed which just might be the undoing of her upcoming wedded happiness.

Beau Tucker thought he’d left his past East of the Mississippi. When a stranger from Chicago comes looking for him, his world spins out of control. He has to listen to his heart and decide where he belongs.

Feisty, strong-willed, Katherine, "Kit", McCauley battling to keep afoot midst Beau Tucker the quiet storm. Never a dull moment for this unlikely pair. Kit and Beau's worlds collide when not seeing eye to eye. The respect that they have and their love for one another is unmistakable but kept secrets threaten to shake up their world.

Beau, solid as a rock, who would do anything to keep peace, but the burdens that he carries may cause him to topple off the high perch he so carefully plotted to obtain. He adores Kit, but the thought of being found out makes contemplate leaving her. Can he forgive himself and let go of what continues to torment him at every turn and face a future with the women that he loves or will a chance encounter send him back to a life he despises?

Kit is not like most girls her age; she is tough and strong but turns into mush at the brush of a kiss. The only man to capture her heart is Beau who loves her ways. He tells her, “don’t you go and make any changes”. He takes a lot of guff from Kit only because she makes him forget the past he so diligently tries to forget.

Both, Kit and Beau have an easy way of getting along and a laid back approach to the way they interact, spiced western style. You get that this is not a “city-fied” adventure, though you get a snippet of “the city”, there’s no lingering around to fully immerse yourself in that world. The story is totally about Beau and Kit and the dilemma that they both face. There are other characters that are mentioned but they are only there to point our two lovers on the road that leads them to a freedom from the past.

Author Cindy Green places you in the world of 1800's living, where women were in the beginning stages of protesting their rights, men were considered cowboys and the means of transportation was the use of a rickety buckboard. Ms. Green pulls you into a world of a different time and you get swept up in the era without being overwhelmed. This is the sequel to the book The Heart Never Lies with the continuation of Kit and Beau and their journey to their “happy ever after ending”. This book is a nice tale of unexpected redemption and forgiveness.

Author Cindy Green wastes no time in getting you to the point of the story in hurry and without all the unnecessary frills. If you don’t have much time on your hands then pick this one up. You're in for one heck of a time.