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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Flowers by Felicity by Janet Lee Barton

Flowers by Felicity by Janet Lee Barton
Publisher: White Rose Publishing
Genre: Inspirational, Contemporary
Length: Short Story (63 pages)
Heat Level: Sweet
Rating: 4 Books
Reviewed by Orange Blossom

After two broken engagements, Felicity Carmichael is determined never to fall in love again. All she wants is to make a success of her new florist business. But after journalist, David Edmonds turns her first try at furnishing flowers into a disaster, she's afraid she'll never make it.

David Edmonds thought his op-ed piece was funny, but evidently, Felicity doesn't share his sense of humor. He wants to make amends, but Felicity doesn't trust men, doesn't trust him and doesn't want his help restoring her reputation. However, David isn't giving up. For good measure, he takes it to the Lord knowing that He can mend a broken heart...and a shattered bouquet.

Florist Felicity Carmichael is a bit gun-shy when it comes to marriage after being engaged twice but married never. She has some major trust issues and only God can heal what is holding her back from her own happily ever after. After two broken engagements, Felicity believed God intended for her to remain single so she put everything she had money, time, energy, heart and soul into a florist shop. A few months later, she provides the flowers for a friend’s wedding and that’s when things begin to bloom anew.

The bride’s brother, David Edmounds, who also runs the local paper, thought it would be cute to write up his sister’s wedding story with pictures showing her bouquet flying to pieces. Little does he know the consequences that joke will lead to and how it affects small shop owner and florist, Felicity.

Felicity comes across as very sweet even though she's been hurt not just once but twice in love. Even so she still wishes for the fairytale ending but she doesn’t believe that’s what God intends for her. You can’t help but love David. He’s a fun guy with a good heart. He can’t get Felicity out of his mind from the day they meet at the wedding. When he learns how his joke has hurt Felicity, he bends over backwards to make things right.

Ms. Barton's story is sweet and heartwarming. The author’s descriptions of creating these beautiful flower arrangements were detailed and interesting. The writing is well done, the plotting is paced right for a shorter work and overall it was quite satisfying. Just what you need on these cold winter afternoons.