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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Unforseen Lover by Christina Watson

Unforseen Lover by Christina Watson
Publisher: BookStrand, Inc.
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (152 pages)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4 books
Reviewed by Camellia

Ann finds herself falling for Jake, the one man that she knows will be her greatest heartbreak, but is unable to stop what her heart is telling her. He is the lover that she craved but much more. He is her soul mate. Whenever they are together, their chemistry flows so hot that it scorches, and yet, there is an underlying forever-kind-of-passion and connection that she has never felt before.

But when a blonde bombshell from Jake’s past comes into the picture and Ann finds them in an intimate embrace, all of her insecurities take the lead. Not long after she ends their relationship, she finds out that she is pregnant with Jake’s child. She needs to tell him that he is to be a father without giving away her feelings for him. Can she do it without revealing the truth of her heart?

Ann Ethridge’s insecurities due to her ex-husband’s chronic infidelity make her feel undesirable, flawed in some innate way. She longs to be wanted, cherished, truly loved, but nobody in her hometown comes close to meeting her needs. With three children to support and nurture, Ann works at a dead-end factory job, makes a good, clean, and loving home, and is active in her community. She embraces life but is skittish about men. However, her brother Tom and sister Hope never give up on encouraging her to find a man to share her life.

Jake Collins, a friend and employer of Hope’s husband, doesn’t shy away from women. He just makes sure they know he is a “no-commitment” man. He appreciates women, but learned his lesson about “love” a few years ago from his ex-fiancĂ© Julie, a socialite always looking for a mark. He is rich, handsome, hardworking, and not “highfalutin”, according to Hope who does some sisterly manipulating to set in motion a relationship between Jake and Ann that heats up the pages of Unforseen Lover.

Christina Watson creates some love scenes that raise the heart rate with sizzling, sensual, shattering sex. She balances these scenes with companionship, caring, and friendship as Ann struggles to overcome her insecurities and Jake inches into a new way of life with trepidation. But the “Ann Factor” outweighs all else when push comes to shove. Ann and Jake are soul mates who “kiss a lot of frogs” before they find their prince and princess.

Ms. Watson uses language that is a little coarse at times, but it fits the characters she develops who seem so real. Her descriptions stir emotions and pull the reader into the settings that fit the actions taking place. The humor, earthiness, and vibrancy make Unforseen Lover captivating—a super way to end the day.