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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sweet Sacrifices by Gloria Davidson Marlow

Sweet Sacrifices by Gloria Davidson Marlow
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Recent Historical
Length: Full Length (276 pages)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 4 books
Reviewed by Camellia

With few clues to go on and a newborn baby in tow, Kendall James sets out on a journey to find her wayward husband. What she finds when she arrives at his family’s estate, however, is a lifetime of secrets that shatter her illusions, put her life in danger, and offer her a love she never expected.

When Luke Templeton agrees to marry Kendall and claim his brother’s child as his own, he has no intention of falling in love. Of course, he doesn’t bargain on his uncontrollable attraction to Kendall or his inability to remain indifferent to her tiny son.

As Kendall hurtles headlong into danger, Luke has no choice but to follow, intent on saving her regardless of the sacrifices he must make.

Kendall James thought happiness was finally hers when she married Adam Templeton and had their baby. Little Brady looked like his father—the father who disappeared and sent Kendall’s world tumbling. Her future and her miserable past that is wrapped in mystery become so entangled; she is trapped in a silken web of secrets and deceits. Yet, a love that is not selfish quietly weaves its way into the web and abides until many conflicts are resolved. Kendall’s self-esteem suffers for a time but rebounds and flourishes as the mysteries of her past are resolved and her place in the world settles on a solid footing.

Luke Templeton, Adam’s twin brother, has always fixed Adam’s messes. He is steady and tends to the family business after the death of his father. The family’s wealth and prosperity are safe in his hands. However, when Kendall comes on the scene and Luke realizes what his mother Delores Templeton has set in motion, he finds himself in new territory. His pragmatic approach to life becomes tangled up with emotions that rock his world.

The secondary characters emerge as major players in Kendall’s life, both past and present. Delores Templeton, even though manipulative, loves and protects in her own way. Margo and her unique tie to Kendall is a sub-plot all its own. The characters of Kendall’s past have a strong impact on the lives of Luke and Kendall as they traverse a minefield of intrigues that threaten to blow up in their faces at every turn. The twist and turns in the story keep the reader turning pages.

Sweet Sacrifices ensnares the reader’s emotions and imagination with heartbreaking scenes of Kendal’s past when she is at the mercy of circumstances she cannot control. However, Ms. Marlow creates compelling, interwoven subplots that reveal Kendall’s strength, courage, and capacity to love as the story, so full of sacrifices, becomes a story of amazing, euphoric love that is strong, patient, and, true. This story shows the flaws and foibles of human nature, bit it, most of all, shows love that overcomes all.