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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Senseless by Mary Burton

Senseless by Mary Burton
Publisher: Zebra Books / Kensington Publishing Corp.
Genre: Contemporary, Mystery/Suspense
Length: Full Length(406 pages)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 5 books
Reviewed by Camellia

Every Serial Killer Knows…

The vicious burns scarring the victims’ flesh reveal the agony of their last moments. Each woman was branded with a star, then stabbed through the heart. With every death, a vengeful killer finds a brief, blissful moment of calm. But soon it’s time for the bloodshed to start again…

The Perfect Time…

Ten years ago, Eva Rayburn and her sorority sisters were celebrating the end of the school year. That party turned into a nightmare Eva can’t forget. Now she’s trying to start over in her Virginia hometown, but a new nightmare has begun. Every victim is linked to her. And Detective Deacon Garrison isn’t sure whether this mysterious woman needs investigating—or protecting…

To Make His Mark

Only Eva’s death will bring peace. Only her tortured screams will silence the rage that has been building for ten long years. Because what started that night at the sorority can never be stopped—not until the last victim has been marked for death…

Suspense to the nth degree keeps Senseless racing along with adrenaline-pumping action. Evil, with the super cunning of a sick mind, stealthily works to carry out a diabolical agenda.

Eva Rayburn, a strong, smart, and beautiful young woman, is determined to get her life back on track after spending ten years in prison for a crime she did not commit. One of Eva’s three jobs brings her to the attention of the cops, something she tries to avoid. Tiny but tough she stands her ground as the big, intimidating detectives Deacon Garrison and Malcolm Kier set in to solve the case of the burned halfway house where Eva worked as a night attendant. The dead woman found at the site seems to have no connection with halfway house, but she does figure into Eva’s past, which opens up a can of worms—so tangled together there seems to be no way to unravel the knots. Ten years of evil doing seethes, coils, and clings together to obscure the doer of the horrific crimes.

Detective Deacon Garrison, even though big and intimidating, uses his killer smile and soft-spoken manner when he needs to get information. He is convinced Eva is connected to the crimes of branding, killing, and burning that are happening, but he also finds her an enigma that intrigues him on a very personal and primal level.

The multitude of compelling and important characters in Senseless create a complex plot that grabs the reader’s attention and, at times, takes the breath away with horror, fear, or surprise. How the Cross family figures into Eva and her half-sister Angie’s lives makes spellbinding reading.

The way Mary Burton weaves together the many past and present happenings swirling around Eva is incredible. Ms. Burton’s unique story-telling abilities make Senseless a chilling, spine-tingling, page-turner tale peopled with characters that seem very real. Their hopes, fears, flaws, and foibles make this story pulsate with strong emotions.

The horrific crimes, complex relationships of the edgy characters along with an intense, twisted plot make Senseless remarkable reading.