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Friday, January 21, 2011

Looking for a Hero by Meghan Matthews

Looking for a Hero by Meghan Matthews
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full Length (248 pages)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 5 Books
Reviewed by Larkspur

Assistant District Attorney Meg McCormick is running for her life…

Three years ago, Meg landed the case that promised to make her career, prosecuting and convicting the notorious Chicago drug lord, Simonson. But now he's out on parole, thirsty for revenge and commands connections which span deep within the Chicago PD. The case that should have sealed her career now promised to end her life.

Meg flees Chicago, but instead of finding sanctuary, a head on collision puts her in the hospital, frightened and alone with no one to turn to.

Then walks in tall, dark and sexy Police Detective Nate Reed, who risked his life to save Meg from the burning wreckage. Or so everyone claims. But is Nate a hero, or just another corrupt cop working for Simonson?

Dare she trust him?

And if she does, could she be risking his life, as well?

Living on the run is no picnic especially when you don’t know who to trust, where to turn and the last thing you’re doing is Looking for a Hero. Meg knows this only too well. Being a cop isn’t enough for Nate, he needs to be a straight cop too, so when he meets Meg he knows she’s hiding something, but it's the what he’s bound and determined to find out.

Author Meghan Matthews has a special gift with words and she shows it off exceptionally well with this excellent piece of romantic suspense. She’ll pull at your heart strings with the often tragic filled story, and she’ll draw emotions from you with the imagery of her dialogue. The story is not new, boy meets girl, girl is hiding something, boy wonders if girl is guilty of something. But the way she brings it to us with jaw dropping suspense and a chill a minute thriller makes it more than worth the read, and she surprisingly does it in 250 short pages--a feat that would normally take a much longer novel.

Her characters are unforgettable -- and not only main characters Nate and Meg, but their co-stars as well. We get to know Dan a lot through the pages, as well as the stable of good cops. Who can forget her cast of evil doers who seem to literally come out of the woodwork so that by the end of the read we have a list of bad guys as long as our arm?

Her romance is intense and tumultuous and, given the tone of the novel, fits so well here. Her audience will constantly pull for the hero and heroine to come to terms with each other, but we won’t know if they’ll get that all so elusive Happy Ever After. The love scenes are filled with angst with the characters not trusting each other, but at the same time the author brings out the longing for each other and the sense that they complete each other and not to mention as hot as a Texas July.

So if you enjoy your romance under the gun, filled with chase scenes and roller coaster, nail biting suspense believe me, look no farther than right here in Looking for a Hero.

Kudos to you Ms. Matthews for a first rate, must read and one heck of a romance.